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  1. Palestine and Israel
  2. Bird Flu Epidemic
  3. Jackson shuts down Neverland home
  4. Where do you stand in politics?
  5. People r protesting aginst the U.S.A.,and roits r in schools!
  6. Buck Fush
  7. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi killed in air raid
  8. Israel is EVIL
  9. watch this video link !
  10. Racism
  11. Tribute for 9/11
  12. new documentary
  13. Is Osama Dead?
  14. colorado school shooting
  15. mugging - some sick people out here
  16. Principal Gets Shot By Student
  17. Amish School Shooting
  18. Google buy's YouTube!
  19. This is 1 sick *****!
  20. Marijuana Burger lmfao
  21. Donald Rumsfeld Stepping Down
  22. Lmfao! free cable any1?
  23. New York Shootin Of Unarmed Men
  24. Saddam Hung - Iraq Politics discussion
  25. Obama Presidential Run
  26. Anna Nicole Smith Dies
  27. Bush steps over the mark AGAIN!
  28. weed should be legal
  29. The Death Penalty
  30. Paying Respects
  31. Is the US being a "Jesus Christ" or a Zionist dog?
  32. Tribute to the United States of America
  33. The Bible allows rape, slavery, the sex trade, and murder!
  34. Did Jesus say that you must be a Christian or else you will go to hell?
  35. Wat is up with mexicans vs. blacks?
  36. Gunman kills 21 at US university
  37. Police Identify Cho Seung-Hui, 23, as the gunman in Monday's shootin
  38. virgina tech
  39. New Earth-like Planet 'Habitable'
  40. tax $ paying for abortions
  41. 'Drop-off box' for unwanted babies'
  42. paris hilton goes 2 jail
  43. Woman jailed for testicle attack OMFG
  44. Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Student, 13
  45. Microsoft spending 1billion to fix Xbox 360
  46. Sony Drops Price of Playstation 3 In North America
  47. 7 new wonders of the world chosen
  48. Record-breaking heat continues throughout B.C.
  49. Porn Day
  50. Toddler orders digger off internet
  51. Beard and moustache contest opens
  52. What the world is coming to.
  53. Introduction to The Venus Project
  54. Michael Jackson Ghost? During CNN Larry King Interview with Jermaine Jackson
  55. Everything NWO or Illuminati...
  56. Jfk knew and tried to tell us this speech was before he died and kept out the media
  57. The Science that proves 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB
  58. views on iraq and afghanistan
  59. The largest dead snake ever found, over 50 feet.
  60. Religion
  61. Discussion: The Obama Deception
  62. William Cooper (Mystery Babylon) New World Order
  63. Police officer nabbed under street racing law
  64. Innocents betrayed - a history of gun control and genocide pt 1-6
  65. The banksters are robbing our country!!!
  66. Conditioning Through Entertainment - 8/8
  67. The hisory of Ancient Aliens.
  68. World war 3 secret
  69. Reptilian alien-baby trapped in an animal trap!
  70. Everything Happens Because We are in A MONETERY SYSTEM FACT
  71. Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” and the Occult Connections
  72. Logical Reasoning
  73. Site Revels in 'Breathtaking' Response to Jackson Hoax Video
  75. Secrets Of The Dollar Bill
  76. one world currency
  77. Bush Knocked Down The Towers - NWW Illuminatist
  78. Want a Chip with your Vaccine?
  79. Coral Man
  80. 9-11 Known Before the Event took place! *MUST WATCH*
  81. Who do you serve? Who do you protect?
  82. Makaveli Exposing The Illuminati
  83. Corrupt wallstreet
  84. What Happened To Hitler?
  85. Swine Flu Vaccine Tested On London Kids
  86. Domestic Uprising: Defenders of The Constitution, Rise of The American Patriots...
  87. Rio de Janeiro will host 2016 Olympics
  88. NASA Bombs The Moon
  89. Obama Wins Noble Peace Prize
  90. N Korea Fires Missiles Over 'No Sail' Zone
  91. Government Says 85,000 Iraqis killed in 2004-08
  92. what happened ot global warming?
  93. This is the first rfid microchip *** tv advert *** nwo
  94. Anti-Terror Scheme 'Spies On Innocents'
  95. Illuminati Symbols In Black Eyed Peas Video?
  96. Cheerleader Gets Swine...
  97. Armed Robber Finds God During Hold-Up
  98. Store Clerk Steals Customer's $1 Million...
  99. Herta Müller visit Chinese dissidents at Frankfurt Book Fair
  100. BNP On Question Time
  101. Woman Gets A Ticket For...
  102. Shiloh Pepin AKA The Mermaid Girl..
  103. Kidnapped Footballers Found Dead In Venezuela
  104. Number Killed In Baghdad Attacks Reaches 155
  105. 'Monster Shark' Chomps Into Great White
  106. Cops Place $1m Bounty On 'Vampire Killer'
  107. 'Meteor Crater' Was Really A Hoax
  108. Rockefellers Fund Global-warming Protests as Earth Cools
  109. Mum Paralysed By Sneeze, Back On Her Feet
  110. Diehard Fan 'Offered Sex To Watch Match'
  111. Executed In Broad Daylight - A Mafia Hitman Strikes Outside A Naples
  112. Meet 11 Year Old Kordeza Zhelyazkova....The World's Youngest Mother!
  113. Giant Jellyfish Capsize 10-Tonne Fishing Boat
  114. N Korea Extracts More Atom Bomb Plutonium
  115. Back From The Dead: Man Attends Own Funeral
  116. Woman falls on subway track.. See what happens..
  117. NEVER B PEACE? - Gaza Strip
  118. Girl gang-raped on school grounds
  119. For those who think the world will end in 2012!
  120. what would pac do about this ?
  121. Count Every Child
  122. Charla Nash Reveals Her Face to Oprah After Chimp Attack
  123. Teenager Shot Execution Style by his own Father
  124. World's Biggest Head A.K.A. Elephant Man Distortion
  125. Man Gets Hit By Car & Sent Flying 10 Feet In The Air! (Miracle He Survived This)
  126. Wife gets HIV after husband pricks her with sewing needle while she slept
  127. h.a.a.r.p.-High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program"
  128. UFO or Russin Rocket?
  129. Pretty interesting convo I had with my uncle on the Jim Crow south, Vietnam War, etc.
  130. Legalization of Marijuana
  131. WTF: Teen Gets 15 Years For Facebook Sex Scam
  132. Immortality in 20 Years
  133. Obamas Health Care Plan
  134. WTF! Medical Condition Causes Horn To Grow On 101 Year Old Chinese Grandmother's Head
  135. Man Arrested For Raping Woman And Carving 'Mine' Into Her Stomach
  136. Mother released on bond for selling her 5 YEAR OLD daughter in prostitution!? WTF!
  137. Racist or not racist..?
  138. WTF: Money Hungry NYC Traffic Cops Tow A Funeral Director's Car With A Corpse..
  139. Let Constance take Her GF to Prom
  140. Newborn Elephant Comes 'Back From The Dead'
  141. Thats it, keep donating to charity..
  142. Texas Board Of Education Declare Hip Hop Is Not A Cultural Movement
  143. Worlds shortest man, He Pingping dies at the age of 22
  144. The FBI Is Spying On You: On Facebook, Twitter & Myspace Using Fake Accounts
  145. WTF! Man Blames Being Drunk And High On Leaving 5 Week Old Son In Oven Overnight
  146. WTF! Kuwaiti Man Forced To Go To Hospital...
  147. Black people must leave, NJ Walmart announcer says
  148. Disrespectful Interview? Fox News Interviews..
  149. Fail News!
  150. WTF! Man Accused Of Urinating On 7 Women In 3 Months At New Jersey Bus Stop
  151. Driving Like This On A Motorway?
  152. The Russians Aren't Coming! Fury At TV Scare
  153. Study Shows Some People Would Rather Be On Facebook Than Have Sex Or Eat
  154. Serious WTF!
  155. Murderer Of Malcolm X To Be Released
  156. WTF! Man Admits To Killing 11-Year-Old Boy, Eating His Brain
  157. Horrifying! Pakistani Christian Set On Fire And Wife Raped In Front Of Children For R
  158. As the world marks World Water Day...
  159. Health Care Reform Bill Passes By Vote Of 219-212
  160. WTF! Conservative blogger is under investigation for..
  161. Student gets arrested for askin a question!
  162. SAD: Man get 15 years for trying to break into jail
  163. UN's first special representative on sexual violence
  164. 6 Year Old Undergoes Surgery After Being Born With A Total Of 31 Fingers And Toes
  165. Branson's Tourism Spaceship In Maiden Flight
  166. WTF! Teen Somehow Survives Being Stabbed In Head..
  167. Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It
  168. For you science orientated people..
  169. wikileaks.org
  170. Filipinos Whipped And Nailed To Crosses In Re-enactment Of Jesus Christ's Crucifixio
  171. Dr Conrad Murray's Defense Team Claims Michael Jackson Killed Himself
  172. WTF! 2 UK women..
  173. BREAKING NEWS! Underground Explosion Rattles Times Square
  174. Big Brother: Chicago's High Tech Camera System Literally Watching Every Move You Make
  175. South African Leader Kicks Journalist Out For Being A White Supremacist
  176. Kyrgyzstan Buries Its Dead, US Halts Troop Flights
  177. Health aid could work better via world fund: experts
  178. Poland Mourns President, Elite Killed In Crash
  179. Nuclear security summit begins Monday
  180. Lower East Side 7-alarm fire
  181. Landslide derails train in Italy leaving nine dead
  182. Florida Man Hit By A Car And A Bus, Still Survives
  183. Bizarre Orangutan Boxing Matches..
  184. Invisible Empire - A New World Order Defined
  185. Croatian Teen Reportedly Wakes Up From Coma Speaking Fluent German
  186. Book Axed Over 'Ground Black People' Typo
  187. Illegal Downloaders Face Life Internet Ban
  188. [0420] 'South Park' Creators Warned By Radical Muslims
  189. Afganistan War over soon?
  190. WTF! A Real Dog-Lover! Woman Arrested After Having Sex With Dogs On Video
  191. Bill Gates admits that vaccines are used for DEPOPULATION
  192. new dollars
  193. Scratchcard Misery As Man Loses £100,000
  194. Parliament Leader Hides Under Umbrella As Eggs, Smoke Bombs & Fists Fly In Ukraine
  195. "I know, but I aint telling you SHIT!
  196. WTF?! I'm In Love With My Grandson and We Are Having a Baby
  197. Man 'Survives Without Food' For 70 Years
  198. Contacting Aliens 'A Bad Idea', Warns Hawking
  199. Close Call With Disaster In NYC's Time's Square..
  200. [PRETTY ODD] Dead Puerto Rican Man Embalmed In Motorcycle Sitting Position.
  201. Could Bin Laden Be in the Last Place We'd Look?
  202. BNP candidate Bob Bailey and Asian men clash in Romford
  203. WTF!! 2 Men Convicted Of Drowning Teen In Bathtub.....And Then Eating Her
  204. Referee Books Dying Footballer For Diving
  205. Cops From Seattle Kick The Wrong Man Faced Down..
  206. Arizona Immigration Law
  207. 87 Year Old Arrested For Selling Crack To An Undercover Cop
  208. "Murdered" Chinese man reappears after 10 years
  209. New Video Shows JFK on Eve of Assassination
  210. Scientists create LIFE in Lab
  211. Frank Lucas' Wife Arrested On Drug Charges
  212. Matador gored in the throat * graphic
  213. Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead Just 5 Months After His Wife's Passing
  214. KKK, Skinheads & More Hate Groups Moving Into Arizona!
  215. Arizona Discussion
  216. WTF: 2 yr Old Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day (Addicted To Nicotine)
  217. Dude Gets Knocked The F*** Out & Robbed In Broad Day While Kids Watch & Chill [Video]
  218. What 50 Cent looks like now
  219. Get laid for saving the Internet
  220. Scientist 'Infected' With Computer Virus
  221. WTF? Bill O'Reilly Tells African American Columbia Professor He Looks Like A..
  222. LMAO: Pidgeon Being Held Under Armed Guard In India On Suspicion..
  223. Bizarre Clip Of The Week: Man With Octopus Tentacles Coming Out Of His Stomach!
  224. Say thank you 2010
  225. Update: 2yr Old Baby Who Smokes 40 Cigarettes A Day Is On Rehab!
  226. MMA Fighter Rips Out Friend's Heart And Eyes While High On Mushroom Tea
  227. WTF Or LOL? Group Of Teen Girls Rob Store At Gunpoint For Bags Of Ice Cream
  228. Tropical Storm Leaves Behind Massive Sinkhole And Trail Of Death In Guatemala
  229. Balloon Daredevil Floats Over English Channel
  230. Gary Coleman Ex Wife 911 Phone Call (Refusing To Help Him)
  231. Latina From New York Fired For Having Curves & Dressing Too Sexy
  232. Bizarre Clip Of The Week: 8 Limbed Baby
  233. Somalia: Most Dangerous Country On Earth
  234. BP Containment Cap Holding Over Broken Oil Well, But Spill Widens.
  235. Bilderbergergroup in Sitges / Spain
  236. Obama: "I Want To Know Whose Azz To Kick"
  237. White House Denies President Obama Is In Tag Team's 'Whoomp' Video
  238. What's the biggest gangs in your area?
  239. WTF: 3-Year-Old Chinese Girl..
  240. LimeWire Given Two Weeks To Decide Future Operations
  241. 6-Story Jesus Statue In Ohio Struck By Lightning And Burned To The Ground
  242. Animal Clip Of The Week: Man Vs Shark! (Baby Shark Wins)
  243. Caught On Tape: Seattle Cop..
  244. Los Angeles Teacher Uses Hip-Hop To Teach Math
  245. Couple Engulfed In Flames
  246. 6.14.2010 - BP To Test Out Actor Kevin Costner's V20 Oil Seperator Machines
  247. Obama To Get An Internet Kill Switch?
  248. Up To 60 Human Heads Discovered At Airport
  249. WTF: Doctor Invents Anti-Rape Female Condom Equipped With Teeth-Like Hooks
  250. 23/06/2010 Rapper plagues Greater Manchester Police with 999 calls