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  1. Waka Flocka New album named Flocaveli
  2. Scarface talks about Smile (VIBE)
  3. VH1's 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs: i get around
  4. Thug Angel 2
  5. katy perry says tupac rolling over in his grave
  6. Great pac audition
  7. Keith Murray On Fighting 2Pac & Dame Dash
  8. Dangerous Crew's Shorty B Preps New Book “The Truth B Told” (2Pac/Biggie/Suge)
  9. Foxy Brown on Tupac
  10. "Tupac Always Itchin To Rap, Even At After Parties" says Chris Martin
  11. A New Tupac Shakur Biopic Will Answer Why He Was Killed, If Not By Whom
  12. Tupac Biopic Gets Oscar Nominated Script Writers
  13. The Greatest Hip-Hop Song Of The VIBE Era Tournament: West Coast Division
  14. Mike Tyson And Tupac Shakur Documentary To Air In September
  15. Tupac Shakur 'Had A Deadline,' Naughty By Nature's Treach Says
  16. One Night in Vegas Preview
  17. Alleged Thugz Mansion OG
  18. Thugz Mansion OG Clip
  19. Real unheard snippet from the New upcoming 2Pac album
  20. this aint living OG CLIP
  21. David Banner Remembers Tupac
  23. Travie McCoy Remembers Tupac
  24. unheardradio.com 2Pac Dedication Tonight!!
  25. Nice Words from Rick Ross & Paul Wall
  26. Music Exec Who Signed Tupac Resigns
  27. Waka Flaka Talks Tupac & Naming His New Album Flockaveli
  28. Trey Songz Talks Bun B, Tupac And Pimp C Collaboration
  29. BMG Rights Management Company Purchases Copyrights To 2Pac, MC Hammer Songs
  30. Drake Mentons Tupac on MTV
  31. Waka Flocka Flame Says Tupac Led Him To Flockaveli Title
  32. Jimmy Henchmen Plans $120 Million Lawsuit Againt NY Journalist Chuck Phillips
  33. IRS Sells Young Buck's Chains, Watches and Even A Pac Pic
  34. Sir Jinx Talks 2Pac Busting Guns, "Uncle Suge," And The Lost Kool G. Rap Album
  35. Adam Levine says Marvin Gaye and Tupac inspired Maroon 5's latest album 'Hands All Ov
  36. Now on DVD: Tupac Shakur: His Final Hours
  37. Jay Z's has more than 99 problems?
  38. Makaveli Demo Tracklist
  39. The Best of Both Worlds was originally R. Kelly + 2Pac
  40. 'Anthology of Rap' Editors talk Tupac
  41. NY Jets Bart Scott quotes 2Pac
  42. Jay-Z speaks on 2Pac & Biggie in New Book
  43. Crooked I- California Love Remix
  44. Authors, 'Pac Relatives Read Books At Tupac Center In Atlanta
  45. 2Pac's Last 7 Days Documentary In The Works
  46. Waka Flocka Flame's Mom Protects Son's Image, "He's Not Tupac"
  47. Jay-Z chides veteran talk-show host for mispronouncing Tupac's name
  48. Jay-Z Names His Top 5 Emcees Of All-Time
  49. Flex Comments On His 2Pac Rant
  50. Flo Rida inspired by 2Pac
  51. Outlawz Respond To Funkmaster Flex's 2pac Comments!
  52. Willow Smith Says Tupac Is Her Favorite Rapper
  53. DJ Skandalous interview with Dave Aron
  54. Funk Flex getting royalties from 2pac freestyle??
  55. Pac Biter On The Cover of Vibe
  56. Hip Hop Weekly to Release Collector's Edition Photo Issue with Tupac
  57. Tupac's Work included in "100 Best African American Poems"
  58. Thug Passion on Game's Top 10 Sex Songs
  59. Bone Thugs: 2Pac & Biggie The G.O.A.T's
  60. Freddie Gibbs Plays Down Comparisons to Tupac
  61. DeSean Jackson Is A Big Fan Of Tupac Shakur
  62. Nas Names "Hip-Hop's Best Lyricists" For Rolling Stone Playlist
  63. New Authorized Tupac Biography
  64. NBAs DeMarcus Cousins Rips Media with Tupacs Help
  65. New 2pac Documentary
  66. New Music: Spice 1 Ft. 2Pac, Scarface, Devin The Dude “Rollin”
  67. Soulja BOy says "All Eyez On Me" is his favorite album of all time!
  68. Flo Rida Speaks More on Tupac, Possible Tribute Video
  69. Producer Mike Mosley Recalls His Historic Work With 2Pac & E-40
  70. Daz Re-Doing First 2 Bomb
  71. Full Clip: Shock G Breaks Down Digital Underground's Entire Catalogue, 2Pac & More
  72. T.I. Suggests He is The Next 2Pac
  73. Bun B & Pimp C Had Planned Work on a Tupac Tribute Album
  74. Redman Talks Favorite Video Games Ever and Raps Tupac on Def Jam Rapstar
  75. Tampa Bay Defensive Tackle names Favourite 2Pac Song
  76. XXL Ranks Dr Dre's 50 Greatest Beats Of All Time.
  77. New Spice 1 Ft 2Pac “Can’t Turn Back”
  78. Mr.Caught Raw & Uncut/Tupac Foundation
  79. 2Pac & Daz Dillinger "Let's Fight"
  80. Throwback Audio Of The Week: Diddy Dissing 2pac In 1996?
  81. Faith Evans on Biggie, Tupac, Lil Kim
  82. Spice1 Interview: Talks about Interscope blocking him from releasing "Can't Turn Back
  83. Haitians Love Tupac!
  84. MMA Fighter Compares Himself to Tupac
  85. Ted Rowland "CNN" New Reports On The Murders Of Tupac And Biggie
  86. Filmmakers of 2007 and 2009 Tupac Shakur Documentaries Claim CNN Story Old News, Coop
  87. THE LADY OF RAGE Beef With Pac
  88. 2Pac - Thugz 4 Life 1994 Tour (New 2011 Rare Footage Leak North Carolina Live)
  89. Tupac & Biggie Bobbleheads
  90. Pros & Cons to 2Pac Comparison says Freddie Gibbs
  91. NEW 2Pac Website & Album!
  92. EXCLUSIVE: Casting & Synopsis For Tupac Shakur Project
  93. 2Pac Featured in Shyne's Top 5 Favourite Rap Albums
  94. Handwritten 2Pac Poetry to Go On Display at Grammy Museum
  95. Dr. Dre Linked Unsigned Hype Likens Himself to Tupac
  96. creator of “HOPE” posters displays work, includes 2Pac
  97. Thugz Manison Acoustic Version Producers Release Debut Album
  98. Doug E. Fresh mentions 2Pac as he sheds Positive Light on Hip Hop
  99. Street Apparel Designer Picks 2Pac!
  100. Details on Cast and Plot of Tupac Biopic Turn Up Online
  101. Rap City 2Pac Birthday Special (1999) (Part 1)
  102. MTV RapFix Live representin for 2Pac
  103. 2Pac Record Sales Reached 100 MIL
  104. Tupac Biopic NOT Shooting in April
  105. Smiley Jonez Releases "Possessed by Tupac" Mixtape
  106. DJ Premier Talks About Tupac's I Get Around
  107. Tiger Woods Prefers 2Pac to Biggie
  108. Baracka Flacka Flames - Hit 'em Up
  109. Tupac Still Causing Controversy!!
  110. 2Pac's Killer Arrested
  111. 2Pac Inspires Bobby V.
  112. INTERVIEW with Chi Modu (one of 2Pac's photographers)
  113. Tupac Work @ Grammy Museum, More Details
  114. Thug Angel 2 Premiere on Fuse TV Feb 13th
  115. Snoop Still Shoutin out 2Pac
  116. 2Pac to Feature in New Comic Series
  117. New official unheard 2Pac collaboration coming soon
  118. Nikki Giovanni Speaks More on Tupac
  119. New Promising UK Act Says Tupac an Inspiration
  120. New Tupac Trubute Track Called "Last Dayz"
  121. Hip Hop Clothing Brand Promise To Invoke Thoughts of Tupac Shakur Among Others
  122. Tupac(Something wicked)
  123. 2Pac Inclued In Waka Flocka Flame Top 5 Dead or Alive
  124. Long Island University Offer Course on Rap, Cite 2Pac
  125. Pac 12 Battling Tupac Fan Over Pac12.com
  126. Fuqua Speaks on 2Pac Biotopic
  127. 2PAC MOVIE UPDATE! Morgan Creek Prepares For Spring/Summer Shoot
  128. 2Pac Practiced What He Preached: Kool G Rap Recalls Being W/Pac During The L.A. Riots
  129. Gramy Museum Exhibit Curator "Cried Over Tupac Lyrics"
  130. Tupac on Top 10 Hip Hop Grammy Moments List
  131. Tupac Biopic Film Locations Revealed
  132. Tupac Still Commands Passionate Cheers At Grammys: Celebration of Hip Hop
  133. Atlanta Posts Claims 2Pac Biopic Working Title is "All Eyez On Me"
  134. Vibe Provide Brief Details On Biopic Auditions
  135. New Afeni Shakur Clip
  136. Details Released on Afeni/Morgan Creek Dropped Lawsuits
  137. Phillies Short Stop Wins $200k in Settlement Over 2Pac Documentary
  138. Los Angeles Mayor Works out to 2Pac!
  139. Rhymefest Talks Tupac on Twitter
  140. New Pac Vegas Footage
  141. Young Noble Talks about his relationship with 2Pac
  142. LSU baseball players use song from MC Hammer to 2pac
  143. New 2Pac.com Interview
  144. Dr. Dre's 'I Need A Doctor' Premiere (Contains Pac Clips)
  145. 2Pac Fan Fights Back, Sues Pacific 12 Conference
  146. Eminem & Dr. Dre Speak On “I Need A Doctor”
  147. 2Pac Included in Hip Hops Most Memorable Oscar Moments
  148. 50 Cent Rides with 2Pac over Notorious BIG
  149. Anthony Mackie Talks about playing Tupac in 'Notorious'
  150. Kurupt talks Tupac, Detox and More
  151. Maino's 'Keep it Rockin', a poor mans California Love??!
  152. Confederate Flag Bearer: "I'm Not A Racist, Ive Got 2Pac Art"
  153. Kool G Rap Hails 2Pacs Passion
  154. New Album Update
  155. Method Man Speaks On Working With The Notorious BIG & 2Pac
  156. 2Pac New Footage, Rape Case News Report (11-29-1994)
  157. 2Pac New Footage 1996 Versace Fashion Show in Italy Footage
  158. Lil Kim Thinks The Government Had Something To Do With Pac & Biggie's Death
  159. Mike Tyson Laments The Loss of Tupac & Biggie
  160. Suge Knight Speaks on 2pac in The Studio
  161. Interview: Dom Kennedy Talks New Mixtape & Wanting 2Pac To Slap Funkmaster Flex
  162. 16 Years Ago Today 2Pac Released Me Against The World
  163. Game Name Drops Tupac On New Single
  164. When I Get Free
  165. "Put Me Next To 2Pac" Bieber Talks Waxwork
  166. Movie Director Talks About Featuring Tupac's Music in his Flick
  167. "Tupac v Biggie" DJ Event In Seattle Friday 25/3
  168. Kevin Powell References 2Pac Several Times In Letter To Chris Brown
  169. Mercury News Tip 2Pac For Rock Hall of Fame
  170. Hall Pass Actor Talks About Living Where 2Pac Got Shot
  171. Nate Dogg Mourned At Funeral Service
  172. 2011 NFL Draftee Titus Young Talks 2Pac
  173. Lil Wayne Pays Homage to 2Pac at Start of "I Am Still Music" Tour
  174. 2Pac Featured in New Book "What if They Lived?"
  175. Crooked I Talks 2Pac & His Dealings with Suge Knight
  176. 2Pac Amongst Top 3 Acts of the Digital Age
  177. All Eyez on Me In Somaya Reece's Top 3 of all time
  178. Producer of Dear Mama Video Talks about Working with 2Pac
  179. “Dusted ‘N’ Disgusted” breakdown by E-40
  180. 2Pacalypse Now Turns 20 This Year
  181. Meek Mill Ft Rick Ross “Tupac Back”
  182. Writings by 2Pac Included in New Book About 'Revolution from Below'
  183. 6th April '11 - Las Vegas Police Comment On 2Pac Case
  184. Wales Talks About Irreplaceable 2Pac
  185. Tupac Assassination (III) Coming
  186. My Chemical Romance Frontman A Fan of 2Pac
  187. Life Of An Outlaw
  188. Slim Dunkin (feat. 2Pac Visuals) - Menance II Society
  189. Biggie Miles Better Than 2Pac, says Gwyneth Paltrow
  190. Prodigy Talks About Rappers Being Compared to 2Pac & Biggie
  191. 2Pac Inspires New Soulja Boy Mixtape 'Juice'
  192. Biggie & Tupac Documentary Now Available On Boxee
  193. DJ Quik: Against All Odds
  194. Prodigy Didn't Want To Respond To Tupac Diss
  195. Unreleased Recordings From 2Pac, Nas, DJ Quik, Ice Cube Part Of Lawhouse Records' Ret
  196. Soulja Boy to play Tupac in upcome Juice remake!
  197. Nerd Rapper Can Rap:Prince EA Kills It With Impressions Of Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake & Pac
  198. 2Pac Was The 1st Artist Lloyd Banks Ever Saw Perform
  199. Fabolous Samples 2Pac 'Pain' On New Mixtape
  200. Crooked I Talks About Leaks & Protecting 2Pac's Until The End of Time
  201. Soulja Boy Talks Juice Remake with Waka Flaka & Respecting 2Pac
  202. Ice T Not Happy About Soulja Boy Remaking Juice
  203. Tupac Assassination Producer RJ Bond
  204. Obama: "Where's Biggie & 2Pac?"
  205. Great Tupac Story
  206. Actor Rick Gonzalez 'A Huge Tupac Fan'
  207. Legendary Radio Host King Tech Compares Crooked I to 2Pac
  208. John Public Talks 2Pac 'The Emotion of This Guy Is Crazy!'
  209. Heard It Here First! "Live 2 Tell" Set For Production
  210. "Live 2 Tell" Plot released!
  211. Throwback Performance Of The Week: 2Pac Singing For His Moms On Mothers Day!
  212. Rashida Jones Remembering a Conversation With Tupac
  213. 3 New Afeni Shakur Clips! Talking about PAC!
  214. 2Pac: Ressurection Transcript
  215. 2Pac 40th Birthday Celebration
  216. Eagles Star Wide Receiver likes Tupac's Music over Biggies
  217. Dirty South Artists Hail 2Pac's Dear Mama "Just Listen To It!"
  218. Tony! Toni! Toné! "We Had The Craziest Parties With Tupac!"
  219. Souljah Boy Contacted to Play Pac in Bio Pic
  220. Throwback Thursday Revisits "Wanted Dead Or Alive" By Snoop Dogg And 2Pac
  221. Jon B: "Fate Brought Tupac And I Together'
  222. Warrant Issued For Jimmy Henchmen; Mogul Accused Of Cocaine Distribution
  223. Rappers Line Up To Celebrate 2Pacs Birthday
  224. Rick Ross: "Tupac Was Such A Huge Influence"
  225. Representin '93 Producer Talks Troublesome 21 & Tupac Recording Sessions
  226. J. Cole Not Feeling Soulja Boy Playing 2pac In Juice! "Come On Now"
  227. Lawyer For 2Pacs Estate Talks Music Piracy
  228. Fans Vote: Souljah Boy Doesn't Deserve to Play 2Pac in Juice
  229. Big Sean Includes 2Pac in Top 5 Dead or Alive List
  230. Unheard 2pac track/verse On New Alpha Thug Album
  231. New Tupac App
  232. Big Sean Talks 2Pac v Biggie
  233. PBS News: 2Pac Alive & Well In New Zealand
  234. nterview With Flip & Lo From OFTB
  235. Forbes Release 2Pac Estate Earning Estimates
  236. Mike Tyson: "I would never Disrespect 2Pac"
  237. Feds Launch Manhunt For Jimmy Henchman
  238. Big Lou: "I'm 2Pac without Suge"
  239. Tech N9ne Speaks On 2Pac & Major Labels
  240. R.I.P. Geronimo Pratt: Real Soldiers Don't Die
  241. Shyheim Talks B.I.G. & Pac MSG Freestyle
  242. Tech N9ne Talks About Meeting Tupac
  243. Fox & CNN Contributor Talks 2Pac
  244. Arctic Monkeys: Tupacs California Love is our Karaoke Song of Choice
  245. Interscope Changing Pac's Record and wanting to leave DR?
  246. Antoine Fuqua FIRED!
  247. Journey To South Africa Afeni Shakur
  248. Studio at TASF
  249. MTV: 2Pac is Lil Waynes Closest Contempory
  250. Young Jeezy: "I'm Makaveli"