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06-12-2012, 10:00 PM
I was moved by an editorial about how the Hubble telescope is showing us the immensity of the universe. With our sun one among 50 billion stars in our galaxy, among more than 50 billion galaxies, it is easy to think of ourselves as lost on a speck in space.

Indeed, one common outcome of modern education is the widespread feeling that we humans are forever separated from the rest of the universe by unimaginable distances, and that the forces operating in the universe are utterly alien to us.

Spiritual traditions give us ways of feeling connected with the universe. I want to remind you of another, scientific, way of feeling connected to the stars.

The same science that reveals to us the vastness of the universe also tells us another story: Astronomers explain that all the elements heavier than hydrogen originated inside stars. The carbon in the ink on a page, and the silicon in glass and microchips, were created in the heart of a star, long ago, as that star shined by fusing hydrogen. The iron that carries the oxygen in your blood as you read this, was created when a star, in its dying phase, exploded.

You and I are not merely separated from the galaxies by unimaginable immensities of space; we are also connected to them by unimaginable immensities of time. We are literally made from stars. We are their descendants. The only difference between us and stars is time.

I don't know how this way of looking at things strikes you, but it raises in me an absurdly wonderful sense of celebration, and I look at the night sky not with a sense of hopeless separateness, but with a feeling of kinship: There shine the origins of every element in our bodies. Because stars exist, I exist. The processes that created those billions of unimaginably distant galaxies also created us.

We human beings are not separate from the universe. Those galaxies are not merely distant--they are distant cousins.

06-12-2012, 10:16 PM
I have recently garnered somewhat of an affection for stars. :)

06-13-2012, 02:23 AM
you forgot a bit lol

With this in mind, I urge you not to miss the nightly wintertime rising of Orion in the Southeastern sky, followed by the star, Sirius, flashing red, blue, and golden light. Or the summer rising of Scorpio across the Southern sky, with red Antares burning at its heart.

That is a kinship worth celebrating.

06-14-2012, 04:19 AM
which really if you would like to go deeper into the scientific aspect with spirituality removed(in a sense. Science, religion & philosophy are subjects that should never be considered as separate, they should each compose the other two i.e. Religion is science & philosophy etc.) we come to the quantum level of things were all is one & made of one. From the "empty space" between us to the ground you walk on it is all the one self manifesting and learning from itself in a dual state. With out this duality there could be no experience. With out experience there is no knowledge. So, In the words of Amit Goswami, "There is nothing but God". Or whatever you would like to call the unknowable, inconceivable infinite self that is all reality & being as we know it.

11-19-2015, 03:56 PM
Back in the renaissance, certain philosophers ahead of their time believed that the universe was infinite and infinitely expanding and there was life of all kinds and every kind. The proof is in our infinite senses. If we can imagine infinite possibilities and embrace the idea of multiplicity or infinite combinations of events and experiences taking place this means there must be room or infinite space for our mind to exist within this infinite sensibility, if we could not imagine anything this would mean there was finite space and limits.

But the philosopher Jordano the Nolan, anticipated the truth about the universe and the infinite combinations of possibilities and experiences hundreds of years before we today are finally getting it.

The heart expands and contracts, so does the mind when it focuses acutely and then sleeps or rests while awake or unawake. So he saw the truth of this concept of contraction. The universe is expanding and contracting infinitely at infinite speeds right before our eyes in within our senses. breathe in breathe out. sleep vs wake, life vs death, ....nicolas cusa and the theory of opposites. expansion and contraction is taking place at all times and regenerates and renews everything we do at every given moment.