Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Jonathan Abdilla, owner of West Dawn Media. I am Writer, Producer & Director of the Napoleon: Life Of An Outlaw documentary, featuring the life story of Mutah Beale, formerly Napoleon of Tupac's Outlawz

What is your mail goal to achieve out of this project?

As far as my main goals for this project, it's to show the real story of Mutah Beale. This documentary intends to truly expose him, his life and experience from first hand accounts. From the very graphic murder of his parents at the age of 3, to his rise to stardom with Tupac Shakur, to his down whirl spiral with multiple deaths of loved ones, to his eventual life of peace that he's at now, it's a very inspirational story and I believe that it can inspire other people to make a conscious decision to be a better person, and not fall victim to their circumstances.

How did you appear on the project? Did Mutah contact you or visa versa?

I met Mutah through my non-profit work with the Canadian Dawah Association. The President of CDA, Shazaad Mohammed recommended me for the project and let him know that I could do it. I was excited because I was a big fan back in the day, and I also made a similar transition around the same time as Mu. He saw some of the previous work I've done and basically from that he told me to stay on him about it, and every since then I've been trying to push this project and make it see it's fullest potential to the best of my abilities.

On the topic of Tupac, how relevent do you think 2Pac still is today and are you a fan?

Tupac is an icon and a legend. And like any icon or legend, he stays relevant long after he's gone. Growing up I was a huge fan of Tupac, I knew all the ins and outs, at least I though of his life. But after engaging in long conversations with Mutah, I started to realize how tragic his life really was, and I started to pay less attention as a fan, and more as a human being, seeing beyond the music. Pac touched allot of lives, and when he left, to this day many people are still scarred. Pac said basically in a quote, that he didn't think he was going to be the one to change the world, but he guarantees he will be the one to spark the brain that does. And I can't help but feel that quote living in Mutah, he's traveled the world literally helping people change their entire lives, and part of that was how Pac inspired him, to stick up for what you believe in.

Does Mutah still keep in contact with Tupac's family, namely Afeni? And have you ever met her?

I don't know if he keeps close contact with Afeni, I haven't met her, but I know he has great admiration and gratitude for the entire family.

What has the experience been like, working with Mutah?

Looking at Mutah's story, and seeing how God brought everything together, it felt like it's be a very natural process. Like I said, being a huge Pac fan, then going through a similar transition to Mutah, to eventually working with him on this project seems like it came together easily. And it's been great to work with him and help him bring this story to the masses, God willing.

Do you admire any directors/producers in the film industry? And do you compare yourself to any?

There are Director's and Producer's that have films that I admire, but to me, I think the director's only as good as the story, and if the story isn't there, I'm not interested in it. I wouldn't compare myself to anybody.

In one of the trailers you released, we see Napoleon spitting a few lines. As you have worked with him throught the documentary, do you know why he stopped rapping? And does he have any intentions to rap in the future again, even as a featured artist?

It's probably best left to the documentary to answer those questions. Maybe after it's released we could speak about it a bit more and everybody would have a better understanding of his situation.

Are napolean and mopreme still close? How did he get in touch with mopreme, as he seems to appear prominently in the dvd trailer

From what I've seen, Mutah is very cool with most people. Everybody seems to have a massive amount of respect for Mutah, and I think it's mutual. Mutah grew up around these people and they've all been through a lot together so it's natural.

At the beginning you mentioned that you are a Writer, Producer & Director. Which one is more rewarding to you?

Just to be apart of this project in anyway is rewarding. But my main thing is directing. I like to write as well because I like to direct projects with my own message, and I will produce projects that I want to see go through, but I'd have to say directing is my main thing.

Thankyou for the time for this brief interview. Is there anything you would like to say before we end it? Also, what is the release date for the documentary?

No problem, any time. I'd just like to tell people to watch out for the Documentary this fall, we're set to start screening it around the world in November, and hopefully release it on DVD shortly after. Visit www.lifeofanoutlaw.com for up to date information, and e-mail screening@lifeofanoutlaw.com to setup a screening hosted by Napoleon himself.

And thank you Shiva for your support.