This section will focus on Kastro who has become a friend and affiliate of I spoke to him directly for some time this past Saturday evening. He came across as a real G, down to earth, keeps it real, and someone who is willing to reach out to fans. He and I will be in direct contact going forward as we both look for ways to help each other out.

As 2pac fans, obviously we all know who the Outlawz were. And altho not officially IN that group any longer, Kastro worked directly with Tupac Shakur. He shares in the admiration and being a real fan of 2pac. His insight to both Tupac's music and the Hip Hop game in general will be a welcomed benefit to this community.

We look forward to this relationship, getting information on his upcoming projects including exclusive material, and what its like in general to be on the grind in the rap game of 2k11.

Thanks Kastro aka kngkash for joining the team!

One Nation, One love...

*Thanks goes to Shiva for putting in the footwork to make this whole thing happen, dudes a beast!