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Thread: #TUPAC 1971-1996 Continue 2 RIP!!!

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    Default #TUPAC 1971-1996 Continue 2 RIP!!!


    ~As we come upon his, "Tupac's 15th Death Anniversary on September 13th, 2011. God has put on my HEART to sit down and use this Network, Social Network we have today 15 years later after PAC'S death to reach out to HIS FANS & MY FANS A Like!

    I would like to first say Thank You for supporting me over the last 15 years by purchasing my Book "Got Your Back" my first piece of literature work from 1997. And then later my first documentary "Before I Wake" and on to Tupac Assassination "Conspiracy Or Revenge" and Tupac Assassination "Reckoning!"

    I wrote my book because I had something to say and not just to tell a story about Tupac and I, but to leave behind the TRUTH of the Matter of how he spent the last year of his life and how he and I together spent that last year from Sept 1995-Sept 1996 and what really happened behind the scenes at Death Row.

    To me it's called Keeping his Legacy A LIVE! As for leaving for the future of TUPAC FANS, as they involved into becoming Tupac fans and wanting to know about who was this guy and why was he considered the best rapper at that time and of all times!? Those and many other questions alike will be asked by a new generation of TUPAC Fans! No different then "ELVIS" from the 50's still until today in 2011 there has become New "ELVIS" fans and Impersonator's from then until now. And since 2006 there has started to be TUPAC Impersonators as well starting with "The World's First TUPAC Impersonator Josh Harraway. To my point back in the 50's, 60's, 70's just to start there not even going back to the beginning of TIME it's self there have been people along the way that has pave and blazed path's & trails in our History Books!

    And there has always been someone, One person that wrote the stories & documented that of those fallen hero's such as Dr. Martin L. King, Malcolm X, Icons or legendary figure's from the Biblical times so on and so's figures, actor's & actresses, musicians, scarliars of many errors! I, but really GOD as he so say's in his word: He say's that he knew us before we were ever born Psalms 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:4-5, Isaiah 44:2, Galations 1:15 just to name a few scriptures, "Had already known & knew of EVERYTHING before it was going to be" So History has been made and will continue to be made as GOD has so said it would be! I have become one of those people that was blessed to have been a part of TUPAC'S life during that last Year of his short lived life of 25 years old! There are other's before me that of course knew 2Pac better then I did. But as GOD had planned it in those last days, weeks, month's and year that I had been blessed with to have spent that last year of Tupac's life with him..."My Brother and Friend as he and I became to be!"

    I have left behind ARCHIVES of material for research, for those of his fans from since he came on the RAP Scene until his death, and for future researcher's that will eventually research Tupac Amaru Shakur! Colleges has added study curriculums in name of Tupac, The Pope spoke of him and his song "Changes!" President Obama mentioned his name at a roast celebration, other Major Black research Library's will carry and are carrying info on Tupac Shakur The Woodruff Library and others!

    Tupac had no idea, or I might want to re-phrase that statement maybe he did know because he spoke in his life phrases such as..."I'm not saying I'm going to Change The World, but I guarantee I will spark the brain that will Change The World."~Tupac Amaru Shakur "How do we know that when he wrote and made that statement that "President Obama wasn't that person, guess what? We don't know, and The President doesn't have to say so!" But, I Frank Alexander do believe that in TUPAC'S 40th year of Life would have done just that if he himself hadn't of gotten into politics of some sort! He asked in one of his song's "Will the World Ever See A Black President!? "YES we did PAC!!"

    Then there's those FANS that we're 10-15 years old back in 1995-96 that don't know the TRUTH or haven't read the book "Got Your Back" but are now getting around to reading it and learning about Tupac and his last year "95-96." What's sad to me is that there are people in our WORLD that are Fans of Tupacs that are hater's toward me a very few not to mention and point them out as they know as well as GOD who they are! What I say to all of them "You" is read the book before you judge by the cover of it, because I'm A Man Of GOD FIRST! What I hear or what is said doesn't bother me nor do I loose sleep over it at night! The only person that meant anything to me was Tupac's mother and in 1998 she and I talked and my heart felt relief from that point on because..."I was called and chosen by Tupac which GOD had already Planned before I or TUPAC were ever born!" "Many are Called Few Are Chosen!"

    Thank all of YOU FANS that have supported my work I've done it for YOU and for the Fact that my side of my story Was A Must or YOU as FANS really would have had a reason to Hate on ME...because there's always two sides to a story and If I hadn't spoken up You would have never Known "The Truth" the Devils biggest trick was to convince the WORLD that he did not Exist!! When You buy my book it help keep TUPAC's LEGACY ALIVE as well as supporting the TASF in memory of TUPAC, so don't think I'm taking and not giving back to the Cause!

    I would Like to Thank GOD...Afeni Shakur-DAVIS and two other people GOD put on my path to help me Keep 2PAC'S Legacy moving forward and Living On "Heidi Siegmund Cuda and my Friend & Brother Richard "RJ" Bond who has worked many long hour's he and I doing research and getting to the TRUTH through our 2 Documentary's together "TUPAC ASSASSINATION Conspiracy or Revenge and Reckoning" Thank You and may GOD continue to watch over all of US and may we Live in GOD'S GRACE Until he call us to come Home!!

    "Love is a Verb it's an Action and I've shown my True Alliance for my Brother and I will continue to until I Join him...I will mourn him! What GOD gave to me is my memories that I'll alwayz cherish and never forget!!


    Ecclesiastes 1
    9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    Ecclesiastes 6
    10 Whatever exists has already been named,
    and what man is has been known;
    no man can contend
    with one who is stronger than he.
    12 For who knows what is good for a man in life, during the few and meaningless days he passes through like a shadow? Who can tell him what will happen under the sun after he is gone?

    God Bless..."ONE GOD One Love!" - Frank

    "The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the LORD can stand up to anything. GOD grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference".

    "...And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written.

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    Rest in peace bro.....

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