[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qlXwIaYnFw"]2Pac - Where U Been Instrumental (Re-Produced by D-Ace) - YouTube[/ame]

A lot of things get between me and my mama
Sometimes I want to pack a bag and board a plane
Take my saving's before she awakes it's the last time
she'll hear my name
The night before I was in my worst fit ever
Not drugs or alcohol can stop us being together
The bad and good times you know I'm aware
It's not healthy for me 2 go to sleep scared
Sometimes in life u got to make drastic actions
Light a fire with a couple of matches
Lie back and reminisce on the good days that we had together
We know this lifestyle will never last forever
Got to get thru with the things that come to u
Man died over a overdose RIP that's nothing new
Shippin' in drugs really fucked up this country
Pray to the lord that awaits above me
Do we have to stop this mess by our own moves
Whoever picks the shoe has to win or lose
Life in words is a big wheel that spins
Count my wins and God count's my deadly sins
When I die done my organs and set my soul free
If it's good for you It's good for me
Keep my head down live my life
Grown up too fast do I really need a wife?
My way to leave the earth is to kill me before I wake
That way I won't realize till I'm in heaven lying near a beautiful lake