~All Fans,

I'm alwayz being amazed by letter's and or comments I get from TUPAC Fans from all of the web sites I'm down with including FB/MS and Twitter. I know and realize some of you 15+ years ago were 2-18 yrs. old by the questions and comments you ask or leave for me! I'm not the kind or type of person to embarrass you by calling out your screen names which are not your real name more than likely...but "I am FIRST and far most a MAN OF GOD so I leave my Concerns at the cross! I have no worries and for sure I don't FEAR no MAN because I have more FAITH which rules out any FEAR.

The #FEAR of death only restricts your ability to live. #I'mNotHardToFind...U want to meet me talk with me come to California (TUPAC WORDS). Make sure you come correct, you may think you know me but you don't for those that are haters I welcome all on comers if you come correct...If you do know me you know I'm humble as a Man Of GOD, but remember I am born and raised from #CHICAGO, you can take the Man from the Hood...but you can bring back the Hood in the #Man! Therefore think what you want say what you want...GOD knows the Heart and Only GOD can Judge me!! Mine and TUPAC words!
If you need to refresh your memory read my book or buy it if you don't have it...send it to me "ONLY" if you recently purchased my new edition and I will sign it and send it back to you, not like other books and or author's who hide behind who they are by not offering to sign their book for "YOU" the FAN! That's another question I have been asked so I'm addressing it...I can't speak for those authors!

So all in all stop getting it twisted life is to short my brother's...there are only 3 things in life we do! (a) "We're Born...(b) We Live...(c) We Die!"


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