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    Default Freestyle


    Remember back in High-School, how we was cursed being money hungry/
    Jeopardize our placement in schools, selling weed and Hustling/
    I've been doing good, I'm working shifts and heeey, I got me a wife and kids, who would have guessed I'd be struggling at my adolescence/
    Just like you told me, 'Remain Passionate', that's what I did and now your serving time for snatching shit/
    I heard you been doing bad, the time in the Penn cashes it/
    If I could I would, because homies in the hood remain good to each other, they bring some peace to each other, you made me feel good, you showed harmony and hood comfort/
    Hell, I even got myself on deathwatch by the cops, they swish my shit, because they're shit drops and my money talks/
    I'm sorry, I'm a born-sinner, money orientated drug dealer, and when you see me nigga holla my set, killing my enemies,love they screams and leavin with a thug scent/
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