So, I was going through all the Youtube 2Pac dedication video's (Fatal, Maino, Crooked I) and decided I would write something myself.
Here goes

[ame=""]Jadakiss - Letter To Big Instrumental - YouTube[/ame]

"Dear Pac, I was born just 4 years after
Mobbin' in 96', still can hear your laughter
It feels like I was there, like I lived every moment
Ain't no torches out for you, I'll be the one to hold it
Fatal done this too, I know, in 2008
The Lawz dropped Perfect Timing, set the record straight
It was confirmed, Henchmen set it up in 94'
I hope to see you when I pass, up there knocking on heaven's door
You got a real fanbase, look at Mak-board dot net
The name 2Pac hasn't burnt out, and you ain't finished yet
Still looking for the unreleased songs, in the best quality
Sadly they ain't in our property, and it's causing animosity
Can I compare you to Dr. King, I have a dream rings in my ears
15 years just passed since you were gone, and we all shed tears
Some say a revolutionary, others say a poet with speeches
Your legacy's been milked a lot, from those dirt bag leeches
Remixed the original pieces, got some new people on the hooks
Us fans don't agree, them producers like crooks
Your murder's never been solved, the police still crooked
Raised in Baltimore and N.Y., you got the chance and you took it
The movie ain't here yet, they gonna get an online man to speak
He has to imitate you, when you were at your peak
Some biters came through, but quickly dissapeared
Copied you in every way, downright weird
Noble dropped a tape, he's keeping the legacy true
But in truth, the Lawz didn't taste as much success without you
It ain't there fault Pac, it's with people like Flex
Who won't bump the new shit, who's in the mainstream, a different sex
He dissed you last year, Fuck him and his station
Bootcamp still keeping it down, still livin' One Nation
Eh Pac, can I join you in thug mansion, where we can kick it and drink
The game's gone down the drain, you get a deal in a blink"