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Thread: rapper and poets

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    Evil has no Conscience
    Hate an it's devices
    As if life isn't priceless
    watch as death will invite us

    Seeking out the righteous
    While Justice divides us
    From unsettling deaths
    To massacres and riots

    hate is infectious
    The media Can heal an protect us
    they choose to conceal
    misdirect us

    The motive was equality
    torn by the pain in Society
    A wietness to the
    ills of poverty

    Focus on the issues
    Families lose lives
    At a venue

    It effects us all
    Plus wat we been through

    Consider wat u into
    Ignoring the lies
    And the evil that men due

    From those close
    Or u kin too

    Hate offends you
    kneeling opposed
    Ta standing cue (lol)
    Through promises Of lies
    that appear true

    Corruption in clear view
    Hate will steal youth
    Tempted by death
    Addicted ta wat kills you
    The things we still do

    Bloodlines of royalty
    Knowledge controlled globally
    While our souls speak poetry
    Written in golden reliefs

    Kings become victims
    Reckless An wealth driven
    Indulging in a life
    Which defiles
    divine living

    Let's pay attention
    As we sway
    In God's arms
    Awaiting for a date
    To be called home

    We all say love
    Tho Could we Be
    All wrong

    Stripped of the truth
    An who we should
    call on

    Traveling in time
    Forever chasing
    A paradise

    Will I see my
    Queen or
    Is it another life

    I value the gift
    From the black earth
    Returning the favor
    Of my birth
    Putting God first

    Blend .

    And u can read it from bottom to top then top to bottom . Pure reflection of life
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