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Thread: Suge Knight's M.O.B

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    Heron M.O.B.


    Quote Originally Posted by treytyson96 View Post
    Here is some of Suge's crew, Buntry gets shouted out at 3:02 with a joke about his wife by Suge. @Heron M.O.B. I'm not sure if you're uncles there homie, maybe he is & maybe you've already seen this.

    wow my first time ever seeing this video and to see bountry again was good. Cant believe he died, I thought he was untouchable. I watched it but my uncle wasn't in the video…..
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    Found some more names of gang members and a ex sherif deputy connected to knight that were picked up in a sweep back in 2002 in a conspiracy to murder gang rival in retaliation for buntrys murder.

    Michael Payne
    Theodore Kelly
    Darryl Small
    DeShone Lacey
    Kordell Depree Knox(ex cop)

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