Picture a soldier convinced to kill,
Willing to readily spread death afar,
Locked and loaded, his emotions stilled,
Weakness that it is perceived must be barred,
Dead bodies in the sand, blood runs underground,
A pool of regrets, listen and you could hear the sound,
A mission to kill, faceless enemies to crush down,
Identities torn, families too, as the war rages through,
In the never ending war for the enemy, to kill,
A bold effort, constant danger,
As the field of innocence is barren,
The hunt chases on, comrades lost behind,
The visions that continue to haunt the mind,
But still alive, can't let the ones I love down,
Finally the demons are in sight, no escape,
No surrender, death before dishonor always,
Catch the foe, what could I have to fear,
But all blasts are gone, nothing left,
But broken glass from a mirror.