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Don't know if this has been posted yet. It's a video with members of South Side Crips who confirm that Biggie went to South Park to hang with them.

Biggie was in L.A loads before he died, a lot of Puffy's album was recorded out there which was just strange, Frank Alexander says in his book Got Your Back, that Bad Boy rarely went to L.A when Suge was free.
I'm thinking Suge's eyes when he was inside fed back to him that Biggie was hanging around with the Crips that killed Pac, so he put a hit out. Suge must have known that Snoop, Kurupt and Daz were hanging around with Biggie too. Biggie was a fan of Kurupts, and rated him as the best freestyler, Snoop was in the studio when Life After Death was recorded, and Daz claims to own a unreleased Biggie track, which could be from late 96, or early 97.
I can just picture Suge's blood boiling, that the people who put him behind bars for 9 years, were in LA laughing at his empire crumble, by this point too Snoop had stopped wearing his Death Row chain, and must have been telling people he was leaving.
I get why people don't understand why Biggie was killed, but in my mind Suge had to vent his anger somewhere, and Biggie was winding him up by practically living in L.A. If Biggie would have just stayed in NY, and maybe done a few radio plugs in LA for his new album, I'm sure he'd have lived.