Big cat rides four minutes in the Buck,
Guy almost kills us, but I try to hide my feelings 'cause,
We done smoked a lot, choked and got more boges we bought,
So criticism I had none, wanted to kill 'em but I wouldn't have none,
Of that, I just wanted to jump back in the driver seat,
Him in the passenger, and we'd ride with some beats,
Back to S-Levesque's, the main fool, he said it was gettin' late dude,
"Where are you? My sister's here and actin' like a retarded fool",
T Birm wanted to get some girls that we'd drive to,
Sleves no said, but Birm was like nah it's cool,
Then they argued for like twenty minutes,
So we slipped into a Dunkin Donuts and kept sittin',
People shiftin' their eyes to my ride, wonderin' why,
Why would I sit in the parking lot, smoke comin' from the my spot,
The VX ain't weed, so we had no need to stress,
I confess to my homie for sure that I'm gettin' bored,
So I start the whip and lure out the parking stick,
Birm says he wants something, so we head to the drive through,
I ride to the sign and I think he chose a coolata drink,
We ride up to the window, he gives me pocket change,
Then we decide to try and convince Sleves to party here,
We arrive and B Birm wants to sell all the beer,
Again, I flick the whip and we dip away for sure,
Give some kid the shit at Panthorne,
After that we try a rap on Sleves iMac,
I spit fire that amazes 'em,
So they place me on the end of the track, and I lay waste to 'em,
And so ends our night, 'til the lights start to annoy us,
Siri also shows up, then we hit the Zs on the floor, yup.