So let me start off the same as I do with every verse,
Give me a second to catch a blessin,' yes let me rehearse,
See, you're not cut from quite the same cloth, I'm more like a chainsaw,
I might just spray off with my mouth like something Glade saw,
I believe my brains beatin' off, losin' my ability to breathe soft,
The beast inside of me is creepin' aloft,
The freaks never seen me before, my mind freakin' for sure,
I'm blind, I'm deaf, my eyes and your eyes catchin' again,
Inside I'm again remindin' why I'm wild and obsessed,
Why am I so violent inside, but outside I'm quiet to death,
I'm obviously a mess while I'm stressed, oh yes,
My soul regressed to the recesses of a real threat,
Workin' all day, all night alright I'm fine, no wait I'm not,
I feel like I'm strained, man I'm shot,
And I got no clue what to do, too true I'm blue,
Irate if it wasn't for iTaste VV, ain't nobody seen these,
In the East of the Haven, that's where my G's came in,
The flame, it's not quite the spark it once was,
The darkness, alone, where has the true light gone,
Gettin' lost and of course I'm all out of ideas,
What am I even tryin' to strive for here,
Now I'm blind in the third eye, it's clear,
Or it truly isn't, oxymoronic schoolboy like a Q visit,
Like he produced it, mixed it just to confuse this,
Life of mine, no longer apparent like a Tyson sign,
I might just rhyme for a bit, dive in and reminded why I spit,
But honestly it's a feeling full of remorse nobody could know,
And for more body blows, I will go and I will flow on the roll,
Hear the snares, fear the blarin' condescendence like scary messages,
I'm very pressed against the ultimatum of truth,
The very root, aware of the snares from fools and dumb crews,
No longer knew what I was talkin' about,
Schizo on the fliz-ow with no minimal subliminals anymore,
What is the life of a man without a plan,
Down again, now I'm friends with damnation that I'm facin',
Ow, I'm racin' against a lotta pacin' that isn't vacant,
Lost in the maze and I can't take it,
Spit it it once and be reminded,
Spit it twice, flick the lights and find yourself baptized in it,
Man my life is full of lyrical conquests,
Spot check, no nonsense, I've got this without shit,
That tries to hold me down, blow me around, notice me now?,
I'm the vernacular knowing, rapper slash passive actor disaster showin',
Your wack acts couldn't attack with everyone at your back rollin' shit,
Of course this isn't a chamber you've ever quite witnessed,
Area 52 fix a true lyrical and hysterical truth, you couldn't gift it,
Finish it, or be diminished, bitch,
Now my clique'll hit twice and devour the rest of the night,
Bring every message to life like Pun, the right one,
The mightiest son, not quite done,
Not 'til the screech of deceased,
The peace put to a cease, the police will cook a beef,
Look at me and stare dead eyes into the soul,
If one wonders what he's doin', where will you go,
How could you know, if you don't possibly try,
Whether or not you die, least you gave a lot of your time.