The Last Day

Thinking back, I see a picture, I see the both of us standing
in front of the railway building, on that cold February day,
begging for food, and for a place to stay
the next night together, hard times we shared,
but it´d be alright, we always kept praying.
You were the strong part, never gave up,
When I was down, you pulled me back up.
I remember on that day, how u kissed me goodbye,
You said girl, I gotta go, Im gonna try
to find us a shelter for the night, see u later,
left me alone, to make our cruel world a little better.
You turned around, walked away,
not looking back, straight forward trying escape the daily gray.

Next thing I know, in the middle of the night, you weren´t there,
I stayed alone at the railway mission, sirens, sirens everywhere,
the daily bullshit, I didn´t care.
I was asking god to reach us his hand.
In these times of trouble, in this heartless world,
no minute longer I wanted to spend.

New day came, I stood at my place, kept begging,
was waiting, for you, all day, all afternoon,
noone showing up, I was angry, cuz u knew,
too long, I couldn`t stay without you.

Early evening, I was still waiting, had made a little money,
providing us a hot plate, just enough for the two of us,
for today to survive to struggle.
Your big brother was stepping to me, he shivered.
So quiet, I never knew him like that, I asked whats up, please deliver me info,
where`s your brother, where did he go.

His tears started rolling, I was like, man, what happened,
I had been waiting all day for your brother.
He dead, is all he could say, I thought he is clowning,
I yelled at him, you stupid, why you say that, stop joking, but his tears kept drowning,
all over his face. He dead, once again he whispered.
You serious, I screamed in disbelief,
the blood in my veins now felt frozen like an icy blizzard.
Because suddenly I realized it ain´t no joke,
nothing mattered no more,
in thousand pieces my world broke.
I didn´t wanna see the truth, my best, my closest friend,
got stabbed to death, I wish I had been there to hold your hand.