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Dear mr. lesane parish crooks, world knew you as pac
They way you rock the mic, shit was hotter then pots
I never knew you, I was only 7 when you got shot
fuck niggaz didn't wanna see you shine , they wanted to dim ya light
Heart made of gold, but in that studio, you was so cold
Remember when I first heard hit em up, I was like damn, an hooked from there
went to the mall, an copped me against the world
your lyrics was from a another world
I didn't wanna hear nothing else, I had to have this
people may say it's just music, but yours it really grabbed me
keep ya head up, made me shed so many tears in this white manz world
wonder where would you be if you was still in this world
you was only 25, pac why you had to die?
niggaz still hatin, an you gone
when you was alive, they aint wanna see you ride
they aint wanna see you rise above the jealous, coward mutha fuckaz you despised
shit crazy bcuz even til this day, we finding song, after song
never heard, never seen, damn you a genius!
shame how the fuckin your music, but can't destroy that thug life movement
don't know what the fuck they proving, but you already was, an still is the king of the rap shit
they knew better to go up against ya, bcuz they knew they was fuckin with the wrong nigga
They aint want the issues, hit the scene, an take the figure of 30 niggaz
can't imagine everything that you had to go through
shot ,an wrongfully accused of rapin a thot
you was troubled, we know bcuz we hear it in ya rhymes
the anger, the pain, rain, you was heavy in the game
The shit you was crossed up in guess we'll never know
is you a blood or nah?
you'll get a good laugh when you read these threads
fans from florida to france
you worldwide man an nobody could ever raise the bar higher
rappers claiming they real, but to me you was the realest
niggaz tryna sound like you, get tats like you
they won't call niggaz out like you, shoot a crooked cop like you
you was a wild ass dude, but you live, an you learn, but you died before your time
you had a hell of a grind
music, movies, politics, the list goes on
you taught me to hold my own, be smart, study my lessons an keep mashin, never give up
you showed the world how a poor kid from the ghetto can go from rags to riches
M.O.B we aint lovin them bitches
Wondering how the movie will turn out
an oh yea, ya man gobi still crabbin the footage like a sucka
can hear ya now goin off, callin em "goat mouth mu fucka"
every weekend I pour out a lil liquor in your memory
walls plastered with your pictures, how could we forget you
everywhere I go, somebodies bumpin your shit
man, you had hit after hit
you was really gods gift to the world
a month away from your birthday, won't be nothin but a gangsta party
your niggaz still holding it down
Edi, young noble, hussien fatal, lord knows where the fuck kastro
mutah changed his life, he a muslum now, no more dope game
an on every record, I hear em saying ya name, they stay reppin ya mane
an RIP to kadafi, I know y'all up in thugz mansion with the thug passion
get ya drink on, but save a nigga a glass until it's my time to pass