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Thread: Few of my lyrics (All feedback welcome! good or bad )

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    Wrote this while listening to Pac's Violent so throw that on if it helps you get into it more. this one works best with a slow angry type kinda beat.

    Apparently i don't like you? nahhhhh... its all good, whats the fuss?
    but i dont give a fuck man, we can knuckle up!
    jump in the arena, best believe you'll get rushed, matter of fact, your head'll get crushed when i bust.. lyrical venom, spirit of pac in in my ear yellin' ''get em! to hell we send em! bleed this punk slow while we end em! ''

    hotheaded? nahhh... im slightly lunatic, when im loosin shit, i'll be yellin' move bitch!, like i was ludacris, and this is how were doin' this, spittin mad ruthless foolishness
    coz these idiots are numerous, and if your another mime you can climb back up the uteris

    im the realness, im straight up galactic, dont need no practice
    coz im only comin atcha with a multitude of menacing Mic tactics,
    just spittin raw shit.. you know that i dont lack this.
    comin atcha with words like acid, my ambition is to remain active
    whilst these unoriginal pussys remain sackless
    biting other peoples styles like bullmastiffs
    and thats on some wack shit, phoney fuckin' plastics,
    so if this applies to you... then go jump into a casket,
    or be prepared to get that ass kicked, for speakin' straight madness
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    Yo I like the way you think and the hate you have for these suckers lol,
    to some fans it's just music but to you I can see it means more, real fan, respect!

    I'm trigga happy and I give less than a fuck
    Love me or hate me I'mma show nough rip shit up
    It's Mr. nothin, nice on the mic stand
    Mic in the left and the zest in my right hand

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