Lyrics I wrote today.

Oh you didnt know?

At age 12 got introduced to the game /
started sellin nice times to people cant be blamed/
I needed money mommy wasnt feedin me/
had to go street to find out who to be/
what I found was hard times drama on a daily /
dont wanna miss those times it was real baby/
mommy busy didnt listen to her little girl /
so i left n found myself a new world /
where I knew the people was just like me /
misunderstood lil souljahs I needed with me /

at age 13 shop lifting wasnt a thing /
lifted everything from food to bling /
turned 14 street fights happened everywhere /
was in the middle of it never really cared /
4 on me Im still here consider me strong /
I did it cuz I had to, wanting to survive aint nothing wrong /
at 14 shit went crazy cuz /
they killed my best friends brother cuz thug he was/
was only 17 been on the streets all his life /
stabbed him r.i.p. in front of my eyes/

In 98 I was 15 still young but well /
Went to school strapped as hell /
They was waiting for me in the school yard/
Believe one thing shit went down real hard/
Made me think if this lifestyle was meant to be /
Couldn’t stay like that forever wanted to be happy /
But at least I managed to stay in school /
Smart enough I was avoided ending up as a drop-out fool/
But nevertheless I was lost at that point still /
Liquor in my hand I lost my living will/
Trapped in an environment of violence and hate /
Suicidal thoughts began to cloud my mind state/
I tried to end this life it didn’t work which showed this girl/
that there proly still must be something worth living in this world.

Laying there in the ICU only 16 years old /
How did I come here fuck why is it so cold/
Wanna leave this shit they won´t let me/
They say you gotta stay at level 2.83 /
Heavily sedated I fall asleep again /
Next day starts I don´t remember a damn thing./
Im being told I tried to jumpf off a bridge/
Got a cut under my eye, feel every stich/
Mom picks me up from the hospital /
She don’t even ask whats wrong/
So I gotta go back were I belong/
In the streets that’s were home is/
Its rough out here but still I gotta love this/
Even tough Im thinking bout changes/
What keeps me trapped in here is not being given any chances/

Seventeen already how did I made it here /
Death threats comin up but hey what´s fear? /
Ion give a fuck they already know where Im to find/
But I start thinking once more, time to stop being blind/
Found me a man, real smart and nice/
Helped me to escape the gutter Broke the ice/
That surrounded my heart/
Made me being able to try a new start/
Took me with him asked me do u wanna stay/
From this bullshit u gotta get away/
I was willin and able to make that move/
Found a job no more dealin, whole new groove/
I started smiling again hadn’t done this in years/
But never lost connection to my still trapped peers/