Alright 10 bars, right?

@TupacShakur7 ....Listen...

Lets see what u gotta offer, I see the failure coming,
U gots no flow, no style I can see u running/

Off the stage already cuz for this u wasn’t ready,
Preparation is the shit, u didn’t know that, daddy/

But please go ahead talkin all that bullshit cuz,
nobody listenin anyways yo shit is a fuss/

Wondering why u not getting started first,
oh wait I get it, u know damn well I am too versed/

U cant beat my style, neither my skill,
Takes 10 seconds your poor flow to kill/

I will teach u a lesson now listen to me,
Jaw droppin rhymes are gonna be hitting thee/

U ready, lesson one, don’t write shit always,
Have a story to tell, choose ur words damn well/

B unique make them listen to what u gotta say,
But say something useful, on ur lips make em stay/

Lesson 2 let em feel how u see the things,
Let them see that’s the real shit ur rhyme brings/

Lesson 3 improve your flow bcuz u gotta get paid,
For every letter, every word and every rhyme that u say.