Im sitting here,
Looking back at the old days
When I was young and dumb
death kissing,
every night in all ways
Not thinking How close to the edge I was
on a mission , a young knigh
tsurrounded by black stars
ready to fight, when danger in sight,
no smiling at all, I Couldn’t make it right
Everybody hatin on my ass, I did see
My mindstate was a mess,
never gave a fuck
Cuz yall aint gave a fuck about me
All I ever wanted u to see
was the bright mind, I knew I could be
If not pushed to do the Things, I had to do
Simply cuz I had to survive, Had to eat too.

I remember one night, Heavy rain all around,
We had robbed the liquor store,
No good,
But at least it wasn’t cold anymore,
The liquor did its thang,
Drunk mothfucking soldiers,
Ready to bang,
Short tempered And angry as hell,
Oh well,
Absorbin engery like a solar cell
,I let it all out,
Towards those, I thought was the enemy
Even if they never even meant to hurt me,
I didn’t care, a dead soul
In the middle of my heart
a big black hole.
Young and Unable to feel,
handy with steel,
a dangerous mix, if u ask me