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    Let's take a look at some things 2pac said in his verse in "Ain't Hard 2 find":

    "you TRIED TO PLAY me, now homicide is my only payment. I'm addicted to currency in this life I lead. WHY THE FUCK YOU COWARDS BE RUNNIN too scared to fight a G. For the life of me, I cannot see how motherfuckers PICTURE LIVIN LIFE AFTER A NIGHT of fukin around with me. And if you don't like this rhyme, then BRING YOUR BIG BAD ASS to California, cause we ain't hard to find" and then towards the end of the track pac says, "WHY THOSE NIGGAZ ACTING like they can't find us, like they can't see us and like we don't be AT THE SAME SPOTS THEY BE AT?"

    ^^^Here, Pac uses his enemies in the 3rd person to give some clues about himself as well. First of all he points out that this group of people are PLAYERS and they're TRIED TO PLAY a game, then he also points out that THEY BE RUNNIN. We know that one of the ways Pac symbolically talks about LEAVING is by using the word "RUNNIN" as if he was runnin from the system or the Feds or from his enemies. Then he says they PICTURE LIVING LIFE . One of the dictionary definition of picture as a verb is : to paint or draw a representation, image, or visual conception of: depict; also: illustrate. Or to show or represent (someone or something) in a painting, drawing, or photograph. So basically Pac is telling us that this group of people are visualizing or picturing or showing graphically that they're LIVING LIFE, in other words, that they're STILL ALIVE. Pac said he cannot see how these muthafuckas picture living life after a night.

    And then Pac tells the group, "BRING your big bad ass" to a place, but guess what? Check out the dictionary definition of the word "bring" :

    The Marriam-Webster's dictionary says it means: 1. to come with (something or someone) to a place. 2. to cause (something or someone) to come. 3. to cause (something) to exist, happen, or start. I think we get the message, it should be self explanatory : He's telling the group to COME. It could mean COMING TO a place that's meant for them. A lot of times Pac symbollically uses California as the place to describe his new Home where the Thug mansion will be located but that's another subject.

    Then towards the end of the track, Pac makes reference to the fact that the group is ACTING which is reference to making into a play, movie, or show. Pac says "WHY THOSE NIGGAZ BE ACTING like" and then he points to the fact that these niggaz are AT A SPOT. If you do your homework, on the track "Thug Mansion", Pac describes "A SPOT for us to grow", so basically, Pac is telling us in "Ain't Hard to Find" that the niggaz who hang at that spot are actors. It has 2 sides to the coin, Pac is at the same Spot as well because Pac can't be seen and Pac couldn't be found, so Pac says "why I spend most of my time" on California grind. That's in reference to a place where Pac is spending his time away although he had heard rumors of his death which was Ficticious.

    At 2:16 “I’m saying but I don’t want NIGGAZ TO SWITCH up on me and I ain’t with it if they decide to shoot me in my chest this time. Oh yeah, to you muthafuckin niggaz….come get these, and WHEN YOU COME get these we could talk about THE LAST ONES and WE COULD ALL GET BETTER acquainted cause I ain’t got nothin but love for y’all. I just wanna tell you, ah ha ha, you missed muthafucka!
    I hate when them New York niggaz BE THROWIN UP GANG SIGNS. I seen Biggie throwin up this. Biggie don’t know nothin about no gang signs? WHY a nigga keep throwin up gang SIGNS? IF THEY COME to California, some of these true to life gang bangers ‘gon pull your muthafuckin card ‘cause these NIGGAZ OUT HERE DYING FOR THAT SHIT and YOU WANNA MAKE A VIDEO and PLAY WITH THAT SHIT. BE CAREFUL homie. All YOU FAKE friend ass niggaz, YOU GOTS TO BE CAREFUL because it’s very dangerous out here. You could DO THAT LITTLE SET ME UP IN THE STUDIO SHIT in New York, but in California nigga, THAT’S WHERE the Gs ride”

    ^^^ Here Pac used teasing and dissin his Biggie and Puffy to give clues about himself. Pac says “Switch” up because the word Switch means” to change from one thing to another” so Pac is talking about niggaz changing. Then he says “when you come” which represents coming to a place, and he says “The last ones” meaning “the last ones left”. Remember Pac told Tabitha “everybody changes, everybody becomes better people”, and that’s why Pac says “we could all get better” because he’s giving some clues about change. Pac uses California to describe a place that they could go to and that's why he says "that's WHERE the G's ride". The gang signs his talks about are the clues and signs in his music and his speech.

    Then Pac says "niggaz out here dying for that shit" to reveal that he planned to die for his shit- his raps and then he said "you wanna make A VIDEO and PLAY with that shit" because he's going to be acting or dramatizing like he's in a movie SCENE and he will be WATCHED in the video and he'll be a player - playing a game with his shit - his raps. Then he says "all YOU FAKE friend ass niggaz" because he'll be faking, he says "you got be careful" because Pac has to be cautious and watch his back, and stay protected by faking his death, then he says "you could do that little set me up in the studio shit" to reveal that the shit that he'll be dying for, the shit he's making a video with by acting would also be a set up shit. Did you see that? Pac is trying to reveal that IT WILL BE A SET UP, in other words , STAGED! Whenever, there’s a set up, people start to think there was some sort of underhanded plan behind it and it leads to conspiracy.

    n "Blasphemy" Pac says, "Retaliation, making legends off THE SHIT WE DID"

    In "War Gamez" at the beginning of the track while Pac is talking and he's using Nas to reveal secrets about himself. Pac starts off saying, "Niggaz PLAYING deadly muthafucking war GAMES. Nigga rappin about MY MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE! FAKE ASS muthafucka! What the fuck you talkin about you got shot AND LEFT the hospital? WHEN? WHAT MONTH muthafucker? What muthafuckin MONTH?”

    ^^^ You see Pac is saying that they’re “PLAYING” games. Pac called him(Nas) “FAKE ass” muthafucka because Pac makes it look as if Nas is rapping about Pac’s New Lifestyle, and Pac says that Nas “LEFT” which means that the character he’s talking about – the FAKE character who is PLAYING games was one that said that he got shot and he LEFT or DEPARTED.

    So Pac says “WHERE THE FUCK DO THESE NIGGAZ LIVE with ALL THIS SHIT be goin down?”

    ^^^ Pac said this to show that those characters are living somewhere mysterious because they LEFT and they’re playing games. On the track Pac said Dre SWITCHED sides , tricks HIDE in war, and that Jay Z TRIED TO PLAY, and go ask King Sun how it feel to HAVE YOUR ASS GONE! These are all clues about Pac’s life.
    Still at the intro Pac switches the clues from 3rd person to 1st person by saying:

    “You wanna know HOW I DID THIS SHIT?, YOU WANNA KNOW HOW REAL MY SHIT IS?, Nigga go read the muthafucking news paper"

    ^^^Here, Pac is teasing his audience for real, saying you wanna know how I set this up? You wanna know how I faked my death? You wanna know how real my
    my lyrics are, go read the newspapers!
    It’s interesting that in “Against All Odds” Pac says “TO HIDE” that fact, Puffy “DID SOME SHIT HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DID” as a clue about THE SHIT PAC DID. It was “TO HIDE” and from a moral stand point It was wrong to fake his death and get seduced by the power that’s why Pac called it “shit that he shouldn’t have did”

    Remember in the Vibe interview, 2pac said, “FEAR GOT STRONGER than love and NIGGAZ DID THINGS they know THEY WASN’T SUPPOSED TO DO. They know in their heart, THAT'S WHY THEY'RE IN HELL NOW”

    It’s interesting that on the track “All Eyez on Me”, Big Syke, says “It’s about the money in this rap shit, this crap shit. It ain’t funny, niggaz DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO ACT SHIT” as a diss towards the industry. Syke is saying that they don’t know how to pull it off like Pac.

    It’s also interesting that on “Mama’s just a little Girl”, towards the end while Pac is talking in the background, he says, “Don’t ask me WHY, thank God nigga, ASK ME HOW” in other words, ask me how I was able to grow out the concrete. Ask me how I was able to DO THIS SHIT!

    As a matter of fact, “Mama’s Just a Little Girl” shows that 2pac faking his death was an ACT. We just didn’t pay attention to it:

    “don’t COME HOME, why? Cause mama’s ACTING CRAZY at the hospital, about to have another baby like A ROSE FROM A CONCRETE” and “So we began, a closest family, such insanity, A HAPPY HOME, FROM ONE ACT of inhumanity”

    ^^^Sometimes in the song, “mama” is used in reference to 2pac in the 3rd person. For instance, Pac explained that mama SITS QUIET, sippin peppermint schnapps, turned the house into A SPOT, and she WATCHES for cops. Those are all attributes of 2pac in his new life. He watches, stays quiet from our perspective because we don’t get to talk to him, he spends time at the spot that’s for him and he’s probably drinking peppermint schnapps, LOL.
    Other times on the track “mama” is in reference to a character that’s giving birth to 2pac in his reborn or reincarnated state. For instance, “mama” was going to give birth to reincarnated Pac and in the story “mama” was ACTING CRAZY at the hospital where she was going to deliver the baby. Notice how Pac says they began the new life; he said, “FROM ONE ACT”. It took ACTING to begin.

    Also on the track, Pac says, “she ain’t the cause of ALL THIS DRAMA”. He asks, “will she REMAIN IN THE SAME SPOT?” and Pac also stated, “now she WATCHED HER SEED DIE in the dirt, fulfilled prophecy”

    ^^^ So Pac is implying that there is a “drama” occurring which could be a play, a show, a movie, or performance and participants in the drama are actors.
    She WATCHED 2PAC DIE because it was a drama. The death of her seed – 2pac’s death was dramatized so she WATCHED IT and it was a fulfilled prophecy because 2pac had been talking about his death.
    Later on 2pac says, “I WATCHED the DRAMA occur, my eyes blurred BEFORE I JETTED” so 2pac watched this movie.
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