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    At 0:47 "YOU GOT SEDUCED BY THE POWER, not because he's an evil person but because money is evil if it's not handled right you could lose your composure . YOU CAN DO ANYTHING and FEAR GOT STRONGER than love and NIGGAZ DID THINGS they know they wasn't supposed to do. They know in their heart, THAT'S WHY THEY'RE IN HELL NOW"

    ^^^ Here, notice how he talks about what he did in the 3rd person. Pac was trying to show that he got seduced by THE POWER like Machiavelli taught about acquiring Power in “The Prince”. Pac said that niggaz did things they know they wasn’t supposed to do. Pac normally says his ONLY FEAR of death is coming back reincarnated. In the interview Pac s and his niggas DID THINGS that was wrong and they’re IN HELL NOW because FEAR got stronger. Hell is in reference to Pac’s time away. It means keeping himself locked away. That’s why you normally see flames around Pac in his video. It represents his being trapped or locked away as suffering for past sins and imperfections of his past life until God finally grants him salvation. That’s why toward the end of “Ballad of a dead soulja” Pacs said “before they see me in Jail THEY’LL SEE ME IN HELL”, meaning, that he’ll be doing HELL TIME AWAY and will be avoiding prison. He said they’ll SEE HIM there because they’ll be watching him as an actor.
    Pac faked his death and that was something that he wasn’t supposed to do. From a moral standpoint it was wrong. It’s also symbollic of Pac being seduced by THE POWER.

    At 2:28 IF YOU GON’ ACT like you’re a gangsta or G or the king of New York, I’M EXPECT THAT and WHEN YOU DON’T COME through, then I’ma wanna crush your empire”

    ^^^Here, Pac uses Biggie to talk about himself. Notice he’s talking about a person who IS GONNA ACT and Pac says that HE’LL BE EXPECTING that person to COME THROUGH like he says on his lyrics, “EXPECT ME like you expect Jesus to come back, I’M COMIN”. So Pac says If you gonna ACT, he’ll be EXPECTING and when you don’t COME through, then he wanna crush your empire.

    On his song ” Changed Man”, in Pac’s 1st verse, Pac tells his enemies, “DON’T ACT like we homeboys, ain’t no love in the fast life” and then in Pac’s second verse, Pac says, “NEVER COME AGAINST the massive smoke on Deathrow”. Basically, what Pac is doing is that he’s trying to closely associate ACTING with COMING, so he says don’t ACT and never COME.

    Let's listen to a clip from the Last interview:

    At 2:07 “I’m in the rap game and I’M NOT TAKING THE CHANCES that I need to be here. I’M JUST ACTING LIKE I CAN COME BACK TOMORROW”

    ^^^Remember, Pac told Tabitha, “I just want my chance”, well Pac is telling us here that he had been in the rap game and he hadn’t taken THAT CHANCE , and then he gave a clue that HE’S JUST ACTING LIKE HE CAN COMEBACK TOMORROW, so that should tell us that if we’re wondering why some of us keep expecting Pac to come back but for some reason he still doesn’t come back, it’s because he’s only ACTING LIKE HE CAN COME BACK TOMORROW”

    At 3:25 .........“How I used to share my experiences and MY RULES AND MY KNOWLEDGE ON THE GAME with him, you know what I mean, he owe me more. He owe me more than to turn his head AND ACT like he didn't know niggaz was about to blow my fuckin head off. He knew, that’s what I’m talking about, and then if that’s cool if HE DISAPPEAR, be a fuckin mouse. If you are mouse, be a mouse, but for me to know like three ago this happened and then three weeks later your album’s coming out and YOU ARE A FUCKIN DON in your album but you don’t know who shot me in your fuckin hometown, this niggaz’ from your neighborhood and I got to find out by myself and I don’t even call myself a don, I’m just a Capo from the Westside and I’m on the Eastside in jail and I know everything that happened. That’s Power and he didn’t know SO HE WAS FAKING, and I was mad about that, and then I’m outta jail and I couldn’t believe that everybody was treating Biggie like THE BIGGEST FUCKIN STAR IN THE WORLD. I couldn’t believe that people was buying into THE PLAYER IMAGE

    ^^^ If you look closely, you’ll see here that 2pac uses Biggie to tell us some things about himself and what he was trying to do. Pac started off telling that story about a person who was Learning some lessons and rules of the game, thus this person learned some strategies. Then Pac says that the person turned his head and WAS ACTING, then later Pac says the person DISAPPEARED and that this person was also A DON in his album. Pac also said that this person WAS FAKING and people was treating this person like THE BIGGESTS STAR IN THE WORLD. Pac says that he couldn’t believe it! Pac also says that people was buying into the PLAYER IMAGE. It’s too obvious that Pac was giving us attributes of himself- MAKAVELI THE DON. Pac told us in “Staring through my rearview” that “the world is a game to be played” so Pac is the PLAYER himself. That’s what he meant by “the player image”. It’s interesting the way he uses Biggie to show that he’ll disappeared and he’ll be faking, and it will be associated with acting.

    At 10:30 “I got supporters, people on my side, and people on the other side. I ain’t gonna blow up anybody’s name but I will say that as far as that VIBE interview and everybody was saying you know, everybody that was involved knows what happened and EVERYTHING IS THERE. People if you’ve got a brain just READ EVERYTHING OVER and read my reply, read their reply. READ WHAT PEOPLE SAY. WATCH PEOPLE cause YOU CAN FAKE FOR A LONG TIME but ONE DAY YOU GONNA SHOW YOURSELF to be a phony, you know what I mean, and that’s what a lot people are doing these days”

    ^^^ Here, while Pac was talking about the 94 shooting, he used it as a way to reveal some secrets about his homicide which he would be staging in 96. He was revealing that all the answers would be there and he’s saying that we need to read what he says in his lyrics and interviews and then he tells us to WATCH him because he’s capable of FAKING FOR A LONG TIME but ONE DAY HE’S GOING TO SHOW HIMSELF.

    In fact, people don’t even know that Pac gave a clue like this on “Fair Xchange”.

    1st verse of “Fair Xchange” he said,“you don't deserve it cause you walk around ACTIN like you perfect

    3rd verse he said: "It's only right TO SHOW A FORM of appreciation INSTEAD OF FAKING like you can't hear the bed shakin"

    and then later he said, "See, I wait till YOU ASLEEP and that's THE PAYBACK, cause YOU ACTING LIKE YOU DID SOMETHIN, giving me a piece"

    ^^^Pac says that the lady is acting like she did somethin and Pac is saying it’s only right TO SHOW A FORM. The word “Form” means “a shape of a thing or person” or “ human beings body”. So Pac is saying that it is only right to show a form or show herself in physical form INSTEAD OF FAKING. Here Pac clearly associates ACTING with FAKING. On this track Pac also tells the girl “just for fun I can MAKE YOU COME 61 times” and also,“before I say goodbye, put an end to ALL THE GAMES”. So Pac is trying to tell us that this lady is ACTING, FAKING, Pac can MAKE HER COME, and she’s PLAYING GAMES! Pac and the lady were PLAYING “HIDE the wiener”.

    There are some other tracks where he gives the same kind of clues, for instance:
    In “What'z your phone number" 1st verse he says,"yo, LET’S STOP FAKING and be real now” and he also says "WHEN WE HEAD FOR MY HIDEOUT, ACT right"

    ^^^Pac says they’re faking, and what does he tell her to do when they head for his hideout? He says, “ACT”. So we could see that ACTING is very closely associated with faking or hiding.

    And in "Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find" 1st verse where he says, "I'm activated by THE MOVES YOU’RE MAKING. Baby, WHY YOU FAKING?"

    ^^^In this particular case, THE MOVES she’s making is in reference to a move from one place to another. That’s why Pac asks her, “Why are you faking?”

    In “Thug Angel” soundtrack , track 13 “Euphanasia”, Young Noble on his 2nd verse says “industry crime on a borderline of blacking out ‘cause SHORTY SAID SOME SHIT, and WANNA ACT IT OUT, LAUGH IT OUT. So get it right lil’ homies, ALL THAT FAKE REAL SHIT is phony, WE DYIN SLOW!”

    ^^^”Shorty” is a reference to young 2pac from the track “Shorty wanna be a thug”. It’s interesting that he implied that shorty said “some SHIT” on his records and he wants to ACT IT OUT and LAUGH IT OUT too. Then Noble says “all that FAKE REAL SHIT”
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