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    There are so many theories about what really happened in Las Vegas from Sept 7th to 13th 1996, but I made this topic
    to let Pac give us an idea of what happened. If this doesn't shut down all other conspiracy theories, trust me, nothing else can because this is Pac talking to us! I will be allowing Pac speak to us through a bunch of interviews, video clips, and a few song lyrics, and I will show you the connections and underlying messages in them.

    Let's first of all listen to some of the things that Pac said in his "Grid Lock'd" interview:

    At 5:02 but what it truely is, is I'VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ACTOR and rap music, the reason I've been successful in the rap GAME I think is that I treat my albums like MOVIES and I treat writing it like I’M A CHARACTER writing A STORY, you know for each album whatever I'm going through, whatever STAGES I'M GOING THROUGH, AND I DO IT VIVIDLY WITH VIVID PICTURES, ACTION and description and in the beginning, middle, and end. conflict and you know, REDEMPTION, you know, things like that, SO I FEEL I’VE ALWAYS BEEN AN ACTOR AND ACTING IS MY 1ST LOVE."

    ^^^Now, one of the things we need to keep in mind when listening to 2pac's words is that many times when 2pac gives clues and reveals hidden messages they come in form of key words and not always in form of sentences. There are certain key words that repeat themselves a lot within the context of Pac's speech and you see these words repeated on song lyrics, and interview speech. So try to pay more attention to words that appear rather than the logic of the context.
    When Pac tells us that he's an actor, he isn't refering to Hollywood acting as such. He's talking more on a wider scale like he's a deceiver,player,faker, pretender, performer, or mimicker. Those are all synonyms of the word actor. He's refering to a lifestyle as an actor. You probably would find an actor in MOVIE scenes or in motion PICTURES, and in such scenes or motion pictures, there's normally a STORY, and it might contain some ACTION. You might also have to follow a CHARACTER in the movie.

    On the track, “Ain’t Hard 2 Find” when Pac says, “I heard rumor I died, murdered in cold blood DRAMATIZED, PICTURES of me in my final STAGE”, the logical meaning was photos of Pac shot up or an autopsy photo, but the deeper meaning beneath the surface was MOTION PICTURES like a MOVIE of a STAGE or Change that he was going through in his new life. That’s why he mentions a “STORY” and “FICTION” because MOTION PICTURES may have fiction. So Pac is talking about a DRAMA or MOVIE here, and let us remember that Pac is an ACTOR.

    At 6:07 "Doing those other movies it was just like a hobby, now I’M AN ACTOR AND I DON’T WANT ANYBODY TO TAKE THAT FROM ME and say you’re a rapper who’s acting because YOU WOULD HARDLY PAY ME THIS and YOU WOULD HARDLY GET THESE SCENES that you’re getting if I was a rapper just acting, you know what I mean, for the check. SO I’M AN ACTOR, I JUST HAPPEN TO RAP ON MY SPARE TIME instead of being a waiter."

    At 6:37 I think that with my music it’s like WATCHING SOMEBODY GOING THROUGH THINGS, my whole career, and I feel like if James dean was a rapper it would be me, you know what I mean? Or if Marline Munroe was a rapper, it would be me, IF THE PERSON WHO YOU CAN JUST WATCH GO THROUGH CRAZY DRAMA and just, you could either CRY, LAUGH, cheer, whatever, but it’s not happening to you, it’s happening to them and I’ll tell you VIVIDLY,.”

    ^^^This is how Pac hints that through whatever he does in his life we'll be watching him because he's an actor and here he hints that it would be like watching somebody going through things. It could be watching somebody get shot, watching somebody die, watching somebody survive and so on. He also said, "the person who you can just watch go through crazy DRAMA", the word "drama" here refers to a play, movie, television show. It could also mean a piece of writing that tells a story and is performed on stage. So Pac is talking here about watching him as an actor in a drama and he states that we could either CRY or LAUGH, for instance when you watch someone get shot and murdered, it could cause you to CRY, but if you watch someone deceive and play others or pretend, it could cause you to LAUGH.

    At 11:30 and I feel like if you walk by a street and you was walking on concrete and YOU SAW a rose GROWING OUT of concrete, even if it has messed up petals and it was a little to the side, YOU WOULD MARVEL AT JUST SEEING A ROSE GROW THROUGH CONCRETE. So why is it that WHEN YOU SEE some ghetto kid GROW OUT of all of the dirtiest circumstances and HE CAN TALK, and he can sit across from you, make you smile, make you CRY, make you LAUGH, all you can talk about is my DIRTY rose, my DIRTY stems, and how I’m leaning CROOKED to the side, YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE THAT I CAME UP OUTTA that shit, and that’s exactly the analogy that it is for me

    ^^^Let's back track a bit. Pac had said IF THE PERSON WHO YOU CAN JUST WATCH GO THROUGH CRAZY DRAMA and just, you could either CRY, LAUGH, but after he talks about how we would marvel just by seeing the Rose grow out of concrete, he says and he can "make you CRY, make you LAUGH" so we should agree that Pac is talking about the same person here and that person is definitely AN ACTOR right? Then notice that Pac said "YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THAT I CAME UP OUTTA that shit". So that tells me that THE ACTOR who we was watching in a supposed DRAMA or MOVIE was like a rose that GREW OUTTA of all of the dirtiest circumstances in a way that WE CAN'T EVEN SEE. For instance, if we were watching this character in the movie, he probably got shot up and died in the movie but we didn't realize that in real life what we was watching is this actor coming up outta all his circumstances. We have to understand that when we SAW that Rose, we were watching an actor in a drama but we can’t see that he came up outta that shit.
    It’s interesting how he mentions his “DIRTY” rose and stems, and how he’s leaning “CROOKED”. The word “dirty” could also be defined as “morally unclean or corrupt” or “acquired by disreputable or illegal means”, and also, the word “crooked” could be defined as “dishonest”.

    Let’s see an interview clip with Tabitha Soren and 2pac:

    When Tabitha asked Pac “what do you feel like you’re best known for now?”,
    Part of 2pac’s answer was, and I wanna be in the future known as somebody, you know I want people to be talking about me like you now, - look, remember when he was real bad, remember when 2pac was be real bad.? You know what I mean” Then Pac said, “They do that ABOUT A LOT OF ACTORS now .

    ^^^Notice he did not says “they do that about a lot musicians or rappers now” because he wanted to point out the fact that he’s AN ACTOR.

    Let’s see an interview clip with Snoop and 2Pac on the set of “2 of America’s most wanted” :

    At 0:46 Look Y’ALL CAN WATCH. I FEEL SO CONFIDENT AND SURE about the man that I am that YOU CAN WATCH ME. You can WATCH ME WHEN I FALL, when I cry, when I get shot, when I go to jail, WHEN I DIE, YOU CAN WATCH IT.”

    ^^^Notice he said, “I feel so confident and sure”. In the Last interview, Pac explained that “our future is our confidence” He’s telling us that we can WATCH because he’s AN ACTOR who will be giving us SCENES to watch like DRAMATIZED PICTURES. We can watch him when he falls or WHEN HE DIES like we’re watching an actor in a movie. I’ve seen a longer version of this same interview clip where you hear him say, “and THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE GONNA SEE!” at the end of what he said. I can’t find the clip. He said it like he was so sure that we’ll be watching him die.
    Let’s remember that in “Ambitionz as a rider” he also said, “I’D RATHER DIE before they catch me, WATCH ME BLEED” so it was obvious that 2pac was going to be ACTING AS ONE WHO WAS SHOT UP AND BLEEDING and we will be WATCHING HIM!

    Let’s listen to 2Pac’s interview with Sway (2Pac In His Own Words) :

    At 3:45 It hurts me in one way because they be looking at me LIKE DAMN YOU GOT EVERYTHING, WHY YOU DOING THIS?”….”On the other hand it’s like I can’t really take it personal because I’M A REFLECTION of the community and All young Black males are going through that, young Black females, young White males, you know, a lot of minorities period, is going through trying to come up and then getting pulled back 5 steps and then you make 8 steps and they pull you back 18 steps, so to me it’s not personal because they all going through it. THE ONLY THING THAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT AND ORIGINAL WITH ME IS THAT PEOPLE GET TO WATCH IT FROM BEGINNING TO END LIKE A SOAP OPERA. You get to watch minds, and with everybody else THEY GET TO HIDE you know, and GO TO THEIR HOMES and deal with it and get over it, and with me you seen me get over it, you seen me deal with my greatest pains, YOU SEEN ME get over things and GO THROUGH THINGS, you know what I mean, and HANDLE MY LIFE and YOU SEEN IT, EVERYBODY SAW IT

    ^^^Many times 2pac dead believers say why would Pac be faking his death when he had everything he wanted. Why would he do that? Pac explains that he’s a reflection of the pain of the youth and he was wanting to put on some type of display for the world to see, and then he compares us watching him go through stages in life to us watching “A SOAP OPERA” and throws in the clues “HIDE” and “GO TO THEIR HOMES” , then he starts saying WE SEEN HIM handle his life, “EVERYBODY SAW IT” because he’ll be acting and we’ll be watching.

    In “Live n Die in L.A.”, Pac uses L.A. to describe the new place he was planning to go to. He said, “It’s still THE ONLY PLACE FOR ME” and he tells us that it’s “full of DRAMA LIKE A SOAP OPERA” and “’cause IT’S HOME NOW. I’m just a nigga ON HIS OWN NOW” and Val Young says in the chorus, “IT’S THE PLACE TO BE. You’ve got to be there to know it, EVERYBODY WANNA SEE” so Pac is talking about the place – where his THUG MANSION is located- the place that he will be going to and which would also be his HOME. Everybody wants TO SEE this drama, Movie, or Soap opera because 2pac is ACTING, you dig?

    Let’s see another video clip where 2pac gives us an idea of why he’s doing this :

    Pac said, What happened was, I HAD THIS DREAM, I WANNA SHOW all young Black males that WE HAVE A PLACE in this society and it’s not always in the P___ now, the penitentiary, or the county jail. WE GOT A PLACE OUT HERE IN THIS FREE WORLD.”

    At 1:51 ”MOVING TOO FAST and I wasn’t TAKING THE TIME to see what was going on around me

    ^^^As you could see 2pac keeps talking about some “PLACE” He says he WANNA SHOW and he shows us through ACTING so we could WATCH him. 2Pac is trying to use what he did as a positive message to encourage the youth that they could survive and come up outta all their struggles. So Pac illustrates it through using his life to show us survival skills. He throws in the clue that he was MOVING too fast like moving to another place and that he wasn’t TAKING THE TIME meaning, he needed to slow down in life and take time by being away and observing.
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