2 verses I wrote in the past days... they dont belong together but I thought it aint neccessary to make 2 nu threads...one is enough

Let me tell how i feel when I see
u walking these streets
Im watching u nigga,
gots my back up ready, just in case,
u decide to play foul,
my fingers always on the trigger,
u already know Ima be comin for ya,
so start counting your days,
til I stand in front of ya, got no more time to waste,
tried to play me once, Ion leave no space
for you to even make a move,
cuz its the rules of the game to which I groove,
constantly and smooth,
I aint hiding, got a made name, written all across the hood
aint got nothin to prove, u just got me in a bad mood, u should
be watchin ur back, cuz u already know Id be comin back strapped.

Have no fear in my hand no more, an ice cold trigger finger,
for your upcoming funeral you might hire a gospel singer,
Smell of death lingers for quiete some time,
taking care of my business aint never a crime,
It is a shame that it has to end like this, you was my homie,
I reminisce, back in the day, still see,
the two of us smoking on the balcony,
promised me to have my back in the line of fire forever,
we was thuggin it out togeher through the darkest night,
dreaming of better days in the moonlight shinging bright,
but on that one day you had to decide,
to bring trouble into the family,
knowing what the outcome would be,
turning your back on some bad ass motherfuckers,
all of a sudden you looked like nothing but a looser sucker,
U was the one who gave me the position next in line,
u said just in case one of them dares to go ahead and tries,
to play boss and starts some shit, u asked me if Im truly with it,
Gave u my word and my promise, I gave u my blood,
that whenever neccessary Id fire this shot, time is now u kno what's up.