Bring your new crew, I bring the squad,
They be the judge, Ion need no glock,
gots two healthy hands, knuckles of steel,
go ahead if u wanna know how they feel,
when finding they way, full force straight into your face,
I gots no feel, I leave no fucking space
for u to even raise your hand,
cuz Im the one going home in the end,

you kno damn well Im the king of the jungle,
and when Im done, your world crumbles,
take your money, your girl and our gun,
cuz you know I always win in the long run,
she feel so good sitting on my dick,
up and down, pussy throbbing, the kitty is thick,
thanks homie, she a bitch but I enjoyed your chick.
she was willing but not able,
well at least I fucked her on the kitchen table,
baby looked at me saying she never had it that crazy,
said u was a lazy motherfucker who cant please her right,
and I know she aint lying cuz I bet u fuck the way u fight.