The second when something got me feelin this strange,
find me staring at the ceiling, thoughts of revenge
overcoming me, I am not able to move,
the pictures I am seeing, an awful truth,
I can't believe that I am really feeling this way,
thought no one could ever pull you away,
from me, but I have to face reality,
in the worst way they took you away from me.
You always told me not to worry, u said baby, don't cry,
Im a souljah, in these streets I aint gonna die,
but now you're gone, apart my heart is torn, ripped right outta my chest,
dear god please come and take the lifeless rest
of me, in this world I can no longer exist,
heartless, an empty shell, baby, you are greatly missed,
Im left behind in a mist of anger and pain,
never will the queen kiss her king again.

No confirmation needed, I already know,
it is the connection of our heart n our soul,
they hit u, the first bullet dont even hurt at all,
but it came from the back and makes u fall,
a set trap, no escape, a backstabbing attack,
of some fake ass bitches, bullshittin on crack,
the second shot from a .40 glock,
now can be heard in the darkness all over the block,
it hits ur lung, blood running out your mouth n nose,
your consciousness withers like a dying rose,
suddenly I cant breathe, my chest feels heavy like a rock,
we both feel no pain, its taken away by the shock,
Your eyes searching for me,
we still connected, in them your goodbye I see,
I freeze, feel so cold now suddenly
cuz it is your heart that stops to beat.