Is it Formal methods versus Informal methods?

We can't set the rules for what is art and what isn't. I've read and studied a lot of literary criticism. Leo Tolstoy said Art is broken down and measured based on the effect it has on the reader or person. Edgar Allan Poe said the same thing in his The Poetic Principle.

Poe said the length of a work of art insofar as it moves the SOUL, needs to be shorter not longer. Epic poems he said or large and long works of art, moves the soul in increments, so can be considered a series of works of art instead of one single piece.

This is why rap is so effective. Music in general became such a huge industry and affected culture and society so deeply because it condensed so many elements into a short and so easily accessible space.

Anything that engages the senses has immense power. Music, with its harmony, its rhythms, allows for the soul to be engaged but also increases RETENTION. The ancient, medieval, renaissance and even the modern arts of memory have been a major interest of mine over the years. Everything is connected. By understanding one thing deeply, we acknowledge and by default understand through mere implication many other things of variety and depth. Our souls are like a piece of wax, what we impress on them or is impressed on them by outside factors or anything at all stays within us always. What we remember and can recall immediately or even through reflection shapes who we are and what we do next. The memory holds the Past, Present and Future.

It's important because. Music, even just words alone, have a greater impact on our Soul or Mind when they exist within a flow, like water. Breathing is easy, its necessary. so is drinking water, its fluid. These are easy but more importantly necessary functions. The greatest art or the most effective Art, is the most effective. The flow needs to exist.

Rap is a condensed art form. Through its immediacy as well as its links and bonds to rhythm and flow, it boomed in society and culture. BUT, its existence proves a deeper truth. That the Soul needs engagement, connection, it needs to link and BOND with elements and forces to feel, to exist, to grow and thrive. The happiest people have the Healthiest BONDS, with any and all elements.

I want to break down, through intellectual discussion but also easy and practical understanding, the relationship between Poetry and Rap. Is Rap is an offspring of Formal Poetry? or is it just another form or shape of Poetry? Is Rap petty and incapable of expressing and bonding with higher or healthier and most noble ideals and purposes? I think 2pac understood the dichotomy and the relationship between these and other art forms. His Rap is the closest in my opinion to resembling the truly high, spiritual, purity of ideals, morals and noble intentions of what constitutes the greatest, purest, most effective and highest poetry or Art in general.

"Whose in Control I'm Activating You're Soul!"
-2pac, Got My Mind Made Up, All Eyez On Me, 1996.

Can I get some assistance in understanding these relationships and these ideas?

And I will be writing poetry as well as rap and breaking down the rhyme schemes but I need the help of people like you, on this board, who maybe have been listening to more rap than me, or reading more than me or mainly WRITING more poetry or rap than me to guide me as we build a foundation to understanding these Truths.

Lets Go.