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Thread: BaronLand (spoken word)

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    Arrow BaronLand (spoken word)

    get it on get it on part gone
    KAKA is not useless combated disservices wit service
    bring particular pain curtesy for the diver'z vice to say wat's right and wrong
    On feet dodge and duck the snipers gage as the gaze radius deminish while the accelerate by
    bustyin wit prowes for the courage was not laust for my cause fry
    get closer to the sky eg death so fly for the cause and of sort no loss
    but hope comim of sort
    ion glue of sort-in matrix in due course as the swing of the sword behind mashin form form of hut over mansion bring to buckle bring the gates crashin though the provided vision maintain mashin by armagedon and the night souldias revertin back to guns, so runnin. By digresin no head down to fast the flee to see can see the flutter past the tree tackical forces commin
    Prevent clutching of books for body trainment obstructing the flawd causes held back outlawz restricted by the dictators while they dis us wile teachin and uncouth cesus and causes .Get blisters get hungry and whimper try to run and flee and have the base moved from there just for you to see more agony to see the pain closer straid to flee the mold executed by the passion of greed.
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