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Thread: Let The Rain Fall

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    Default Let The Rain Fall

    Quote Originally Posted by PR3MO View Post
    Let the rain fall, let the rain fall,
    I ain't wanna hear anybody call,
    That they saw the rain fall,
    Brother it's okay, I know it all,
    And with each drop that you can hear,
    So loud, no wonder why they call 'em God's tears,
    Let the rain fall, let the rain fall, I... I just wanna hear it all...
    So long but the dream's still make me suffer alot,
    Feelings gone but my mind's still smothered and blocked,
    It's like the rain came down, and the earth done swallowed it,
    But the dirt never returned it, and the sky yearned and hollered,
    All the ups became downs, and lefts became rights,
    The trust changed to doubt, and deaths never gave us life,
    The bond remained broken, never to repair the damage,
    The severin' of a friendship, how the hell did we manage,
    To shatter our bond granite, this was never how I planned it,
    To never speak again, so forever we raise questions,
    Where once we raised hell, but now we remain in hell,
    'Cause hell's the only place I can make a name for this cell,
    The pain that I feel, ingrained in myself,
    Changes I can't take, distant strangers that once held,
    The memories of children naive, back in simpler days,
    Time has strained our brains and killed everything I've seen,
    My mind's gone and shattered, pieces still hittin' concrete,
    But it ain't tears that I'm havin', the rain is all I see,
    Because no matter how bad it gets, just know that I remain strong,
    Even if the floor I step on gets wet, I'm just lettin' the rain fall.
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