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Thread: another quick 16

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    Default another quick 16

    it's an everyday struggle, infact wisdom is a struggle
    eliminate phonies in my life now that's a hustle
    keep my head up through hard times, stay awake
    evading sins keeping faith before it's too late

    keeping cool dayz, i'll never let em fade me
    or erase me, cuz i'll be here forever till they slay me
    and when i go, peepz will remember me
    the lost soul, i'll never let them capture me

    i keep fighting the negative, who's the next to give
    i share wisdom with the real, in my chance to live
    increase my wisdom and knowledge of the game
    now that's the game of life fuck the bitchez cuz they lame

    i like bitchez... but i love ladies
    i hate snitches.. them bustaz neva take me
    cuz i'm a true souljah, girl rest on my shoulders
    i love true females this iz what i told ya

    whatchall think of dis 1. peace.
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