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im not sure but it seems puff is protected and or has connections that from the out burst suggests he knew of events to come..if its an accurate word for word quote ..i do believe the white side of life preferred a puff daddy to a suge knight ,for him to put a hit on suge and tupac but then say to gene he dont care if suge goes to jail..does say a lot...like he was shown the script before they hired the actors
same here. this irrelevant murder crap shit is just propaganda compared to whats already been known for those who arent in denial. The feds had Pac shot up in '94 with both informants (ayanna jackson and haitian jack) trying to tarnish him previously in a strings pulled fake rape case. Why wouldn't they do it again less than 2 years later? the compton crab story is a SCRIPT, the media bought it that's only reason its still being pushed. The powers that be want the sheep to still beleive it. But in reality there's no proving a real shooting even occured on 9/7 as we have yet to see any blood samples taken, rounds recovered, no blood on the pavement like F.A. claimed. Anderson definitely being paid to be at the MGM lobby with his thumb up his ass is the hilarious part. What you had mentioned about the gun on the tire and white cadillac in the parking garage. Nothing to actually prove any of this occurred.