Thank you for accepting me,
Im The FIANCEE aka: "The Main Bitch", NOT The Side Bitch, per your member [X ]
to the late great.
Mr. Michael D. Moore, who was Tupac's bodyguard, on duty with Big Frank, the night Pac was shot, in Vegas!!
I am only here to clarify, a misconception, that another member had while posting information on here, in regards to a blog about Frank on the Afro Lounge!
Let me set the record straight, I was NEVER 1. A BITCH
2. The other pseudo named people, your member [X] was referring to was Moore's 3 sisters as well as his 3 baby mommas, who per their attorney contested Moore's will, "because, the "WHITE BITCH" got Everything "!! Yes, we eere a interracial couple!! [Im Italian]
Further more, all the while my character was being attempted to be destroyed by both hateful, and evil words as I tried to defend both Moore and myself, I also repeatedly, stressed, how disgusting, and inappropriate it was to bring any of Moore's
Private, and personal information, as well as our personal life we shared together intimately, on the WWW!.
We lived in AZ, for 7+years, and Not once did any of his family visit us!! However, the Moore attorney, removed himself from opposing counsel!!
Thank you, for your interest In My fiancee, but, please, have your facts straight before posting incorrect information!
Thats how Murder Rap was created!