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Thread: 2PAC - HMMMM Questions (CHAPTER 20)

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    Default 2PAC - HMMMM Questions (CHAPTER 20)

    some comments from fans that makes u think too : FACTS :No bullet wounds in the fake autopsy pic
    - No footage of the shooting and no witnesses of the shooting which is impossible because CCTV cameras were on the corner of every street even back then primarily to protect casino profits; “Shooting” happened on a busy intersection yet no eye witnesses, no one on the opposite side of the street saw the shooting, no pedestrians on the crosswalk, no one at the gas station across the street from the intersection heard the 13 loud gunshots? Gunshots can be heard from blocks away
    - Out of all the thousands of pedestrians scattered throughout the Vegas strip on a weekend post-boxing match, they interview an actress from Hollywood. They didn’t interview a regular average citizen from Vegas or from across the country, they coincidentally chose to interview a trained Thespian.
    - No news crew covering the scene of the crime. News teams are typically one of the first to arrive on the scene, the covering of the high profile murder of a celebrity is a strong news lead that will bring in big ratings which equals big money. No news crews from ANY local Vegas television stations took advantage of this? Seriously?
    - Quiet crime scene, quiet streets, no chaos, no screaming or worried bystanders, no EMTs, no medical examiner's, no crime scene investigators, no news crew covering the event, no blood on the ground, no glass, no skid marks on the road from the tires losing control
    - Paige Hemmis’ classic body language signs of lying such as rubbing the earlobes, scratching the nose and hesitating or stuttering while speaking
    - Leonard Jefferson, a Picture car coordinator who has been working in Hollywood since the early nineties and graduated in Film from UCLA and whose occupation it is to stage vehicles on movie sets and take pictures/videos of them coincidentally took the last photo in BMW
    - Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert, enclosed by an empty, desolate landscape with no where to hide; the inner limits of the city is engulfed by cameras and the outer limits is an empty desert...where could a cadillac had possibly escaped?
    -No high speed chase by the LVPD to tail the assailants in the white Cadillac, no policeman checked the hotels in Vegas, no LVPD searched the city limits or outskirts
    -A 1970s Cadillac in 1996 would've stood out like a sore thumb. No policeman could find this car? Really?
    -If a helicopter landed like Paige Hemmis said, where would it land? The strip of Vegas is all concrete and roads filled with cars. Helicopters can't land in the middle of the street.
    - If Suge was hit by a bullet and had to walk over to the passenger door to open it then where is the blood? If he was hit then there should've been blood everywhere, dripping all over the place and all over the ground. And yet there is none. Should've been blood on the door and door handles...yet there is none.
    - Car photos show little droplets of blood in the drivers seat. Skin and blood vesels EXPLODE when hit by a bullet so there should be blood on the windshield, steering wheel, center compartment, seat belt, glove compartment, dashboard etc. not to mention brain matter and skull fragments splattered everywhere if Suge was hit in the head. Where is it?
    -You CANNOT drive if you've been shot in the head. Your optic nerves will no longer be able to transfer visual information to your brain via electrical impulses because you will be dead on impact from a bullet entering through your skull.
    -No entourage and police departments pursued the criminals. They had the resources and yet no effort was made. They couldn't chase the car up the street or throughout the city?
    -LVPD didn’t utilize the helicopters to track the assailants from air. They use these in lesser crimes such as car jackings but didn't break out a helicopter to track the white cadillac from air? Seriously?
    -The Las Vegas Police Department didn’t perform a lock down of the entire city limits to find the criminals
    -Fake coroners report which gives the wrong height, wrong eye color, wrong hair color, wrong weight, wrong address, wrong occupation, and doesn't even list the cause of death. Ok...Isn't this report supposed to be the PROOF that someone died? If a report describes an entirely different person, then it proves NOTHING. A coroners report is a LEGAL DOCUMENT that is REQUIRED to be ACCURATE. And the SSN on the fake coroner's report is still listed as active. The Social Security Administration is a FEDERAL agency, required to note when a person dies. The Social Security Administration hasn't noticed that his Social is still be used?
    - Suge was never subpoenaed to court or called as a witness to the "shooting" or arrested for the felony of the obstruction of justice by refusing to disclose the identity of the murderer nor was he arrested for committing perjury under oath
    - NO BLOOD at the scene of the crime
    - No glass at the scene of the crime
    -No medical examiners at the crime scene
    - No ambulance at the crime scene
    - No interviews of nearby pedestrians telling the camera crews what they’d seen or heard
    - No crime scene investigators taking photographs, collecting samples of blood on the ground, or even at the crime scene
    - No Death Row entourage members searched for the white Cadillac to get revenge or chased it
    - Doors and tires were shot at rather than two people sitting directly beside an open window less than 2 feet away from the shooter?
    - An angry Crip shoots through thick metal doors, tires and windshields rather than go for head shots? Suge and Tupac were sitting less than one foot away from another, one bullet would’ve went through the both of them, but the shooters decide to shoot the doors instead? He had the chance to perform a 2 for 1 shot and intentionally aimed at the doors despite being within arms reach of them?
    - Paige Hemmis smiling, laughing, completely calm and ecstatic while standing directly in front of the premises of a "murder"
    - Fake autopsy pictures. Missing nipple, impossible light reflections, Autopsy pictures are regulated under HIPAA laws and cannot be published in books or released to the public, He was hospitalized for seven days and never grew a follicle of hair, his head still completely bald after a week, goatee still completely trimmed after a full week of being hospitalized
    - Tupac isn’t actually seen assaulting anyone, Orlando got up from the "scuffle" looking as if he was never hurt or harmed, when Orlando gets up, someone shakes his hand, none of the kicks were connecting
    - Orlando isn’t bruised or bleeding and NO MGM security takes Tupac and his entourage into questioning for publicly assaulting someone on their property which they do in ALL instances in which someone partakes in a beating on THEIR property
    - Orlando ever attempted to fight back or even YELL back at them, he's hesitant towards so much as sparking a verbal confrontation or fighting them back when he gets up and yet he’s plotting to kill them?
    - Suge never retaliated on a single one of these four men in the Cadillac who all conspired to shoot and kill him? Suge of all people, someone who is known not to avoid confrontation and loves to send his goons to do his dirty work never killed ANY one in the car?
    -He was PAYING Orlando both before and after Vegas, this is documented
    -Tupac was barely/hardly involved in the stomping and yet he is the main target of a shooting?
    -Suge doesn't get hit by any of the 13 bullets is 100% impossible and defies the laws of physics
    - Paramedics claim that they took him out of the vehicle, Frank Alexander claims that he took him out of the vehicle, Suge claims that he took him out of the vehicle, all with not a single drop of blood being anywhere on the ground

    This was simply a movie that Tupac, Suge and Orlando were the stars in. All apart of a scipt. There was no shooting, no death, NO BLOOD, NO BODY, NO FUNERAL, NO BURIAL, NO WITNESSES, NO FOOTAGE. No tears from any friends or family, no autopsy, no arrests, no tailing of suspects, no death certificate, fake autopsy, fake coroners report, fake death certificate, staged crime scene, massive payoffs to various participants i.e. Orlando Anderson, and don't even get me started on the numerology. C'mon now folks.
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    IMBD OF Leonard Jefferson this is also proof that tupac's death was staged: plus there is more so lets open our minds now
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    Interesting video.
    But there's one thing that I don't get.
    Why would you go through all that trouble of faking the shooting if you're still going to kill him?
    Why not just send a couple of Crips to staight up shoot him up?

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