Tortured soul
Amongst the black sea
Of a space soo dark
It was made for me
Up in the clouds
or down in the dumps
I flew too high
and burnt a wing
I fell without warning
I exist in the morning
sleep doesn't get a grasp
Insomnia a plenty
a nightmare so awake
rocking gently
how much longer will it take
Arrive at a dream
soo beautiful
to forget
Not living today
is my only regret
Tears during music
a pressure unfolds
time tested and bested
the water still scolds
I wonder what the future holds
for me, for you
What should I do
I try and I fight
To share another moment with you
Taken aback by a hearty attack
My emotions on edge
I listen intentavely
to the whispers of angels
That guide me
I hope you have a good day
opposed to how are you
shit so dont ask
what about you?