What's up y'all

So i've been waiting a long time before getting the All Eyez On Me movie on BluRay because i had heard LT Hutton was going to release an EXTENDED CUT of the All Eyez On Me biopic and he said it himself it was planned for February 2018 to celebrate the 22 year anniversary of the release of 2pac's AEOM album however searching the internet i don't see nothing about an extended cut being released and i thought i'd say you guys if you heard anything about it because considering there was an soundtrack album planned for the release of the movie and that shit never happened i was wondering is the extended cut project scrapped too or will it see the light of day someday ... please let me know if you know

PS: I honestly believe despite all the shit said about the movie if they release the extended cut i think a lot of 2pac fans will appreciate the movie a lot more but that's just me what do you think ?