Fans of the late Tupac would love to know that he was listening to Mariah Carey on his tour bus. Money-B, who was in Hip-Hop group Digital Underground with Pac during the early 1990s, shared some facts about the rapper that many did not know. In a video talking about the rapper’s influence, he said: ‘Pac was well rounded. When we used to be on tour and on the bus, he would be in the back listening to Mariah Carey, reading poetry or some book.’

Money-B continued: ‘He wasn’t just “Thug Life”, Hennessy and blunts. I think a lot of people, especially younger people gravitate towards that part of it. But they don’t realise he was a humanitarian, he read, he was an actor.’ The former rapper, real name Ron Brooks, who acted as himself in the Tupac Biopic All Eyez on Me, spoke about Tupac’s love for Shakespeare and entrepreneurship. ‘He studied Shakespeare, he wrote poetry – he even wanted to open restaurants. [Tupac] was really working towards these things,’ he chipped in during the video promoting the DVD release of the biopic.

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