So yeah I'm not rapper But every now and then I got to spit something.
This is a story about how some artist(s) sell them selfs short in the music indrustry>
I produced it and that's me trying to Feedback is much appreciated

Here are the Lyrics:

intro: You know you want it.
I can give you anything your heart desires.
Walk with me through the fire.
You'll feel the heat, but you won't get burned.
You have a lot to learn.
Sign the dotted lines!
Erase The doubt from your mind!

As a kid growing up I had visions
that were inspired by the rap stars on the television.
The statistical black male perfectly fitted my description.
Breaking free from the chains of poverty, was my ultimate mission.
My father was a rolling stone and caused the household a lot of division.
Heartbroken and traumatized by his lies I had to accept his decisions.
Throughout my adolescent years
I kept my thoughts a locked up in a book.
I was just that type of guy who kept
on being overlooked.
I needed an outlet of expressions
that's when I started rapping.
My voice was cracking ,
but my 16 bars kicked my adversaries to Mars.
I shined in cyberspace, like shooting stars.
Who knew my rhymes could take me so far.
I met an A&R who thought my rhymes were tight,
they go hard like a soldier.
All I needed was some guidance and exposure.
He took me under his wings, from there I grew.
I was fire amber now I was reborn to someone new.
I got calls from major labels who
wanted me to sign their dotted lines.
The excitement overpowered me
like the waves in the oceans.
I was overwhelmed by emotions.
I unknowingly was in trouble,
as I haphazardly signed my soul over to the devil.

Allow me to illuminate your mind,
and you will find out the devil is symbolic to the music industry.
The devil doesn't care about us all he want is his money.
He'll break off some chump change just to pacify our cries.
He Tells us he love us but we all know he is the father of lies.
We the artists are puppeteers .
As I read the details in my contract I begin to excrete tears.
What was once my hobby,
fun and games has caused me so much pain.
Oh the price I had to sacrifice I made to entertain.
As I watched my energy drains, now nothing remains.
My soul caste in hell, now all I am is an empty shell.
As I let that purple haze enter my body.
I put my diamonds up and pledge allegiance to Da_Illuminati !

Wait a minute!
are you telling me you
sell your soul to the devil
for fame to be part of some gang.
nigga are you insane!

Yeah, couldn’t sleep for days as i became a slave
I won't break free I'm not that brave.
As the devil pulled my strings i began to sing about
women cars and other material things .
I will brain wash the masses.
This isn't freedom liberty really needs glasses.
As these lyrics enter the inferior countless souls,
the devil has controlled.
He has taken over the weak minded
he has this generation blinded.

ha ha yeah who’s the boss now
You think me the talented artist is living the life
but you have been deceived under false pretenses.
I just created realities that sounds convincing .
Selling my soul means I had to abandoned my morals and values
and become some one i'm not.
I had to work hard so no one would still my spot I'm so hot.
Becoming the next best thing is emulation.
If the devil tells me to strip naked i do it in spite of the humiliation.
By producing songs my generation hasn't heard before.
I'm tantalizing my fans with epic similes and metaphors.
I'm grateful for every one who would by my songs on the itunes store.

As my fans demand for more.
I physically spiritually and emotionally become drained.
Some call it growing pains.
I can't bare the pressure that's on my brain.
Just think how many artists can you name who claims to be insane.
To expand my longevity as an international celebrity.
I experimented with drugs and pop mollies
My love for music has been tainted.
my muse is rotten it's just been renovated.
My dreams became a reality.
My reality became my nightmares.
I can no longer say that I care.
I'm a lyrical instrument.
The Music Industry owns this body .
I sold out for the love of MONEY!
...for the love of money
Now I'm property of the Da_Illuminati !!!!