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Thread: anyone can fake there identity tupac did also .

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    Default anyone can fake there identity tupac did also . this guy faked his death or changed his identity in california 35 years ago and was found today and now watch this video with two men looking for tupac in cuba .. suprisingly hear what the people on the streets of cuba said and check this out :'Dead' man who was positively identified shows up alive a year laterA Japanese wife has told police the body she thought was of her missing husband belonged to a stranger after her spouse turned up alive a year later.

    Tokyo police acknowledged on Wednesday that the body found in a river in eastern Tokyo in June 2017 was of another man reported missing at around the same time. Police apologised for the mix-up and said the remains would be returned to the right family.

    Police believed the body was of a man in his 40s reported missing by his family three days earlier, and handed it over to them after "positive" identification by the wife and two relatives.

    The family in May notified police that the man came home alive.

    Police refused to say where he was or what he was doing. so if tupac was just shot 3 times once in the left chest once in the leg and his finger shot off with misleading news reports lies from the lapd and from his own family changing the story anything is possible.2020/2023 he will shock the world .
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    Quote Originally Posted by lovespecialistelijah View Post
    anyone can fake there identity tupac did also.
    Then try it yourself and tell us how it went.

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