Not even speaking from an article, I'm legit wondering on my own whether or not the whole beef game might be kind of fizzled. Obviously artist are always gonna have little shots at each other here and there due to their differences, but I can't imagine in the generation now that we'll be seeing anything interesting. Even the Pusha T - Drake - Kanye - whomever else beef was fun a couple of months ago, but then it just died down as it got interesting. Before that, the last time we had something of note was Drake and Meek, which... eh, it was fun in its own time, but kind of devolved into memery, which really offset anything musical in favor of just trendy bullshit.

Is rap beef like diss tracks and all that just uncool now? Outside of your small-town underground scene, are we just gonna get poop emojis and one-liners on IG?